6th Anniversary! "Anniversary Packs" Now Available!
Notice from Alchemia Story team.

6th Anniversary! Limited to 1 per person! 3 luxurious "Anniversary Packs" are now available!
Don't miss this special chance!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2023/11/8 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2023/11/22 (Wed) 13:59

Here are the products!
Anniv P Weapon
パックAnniv P Weapon
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
LF G Tix 20221
5th Anniversary Box1
[High] Rune Potion1
Master Slot Drill:R1
Master Slot Drill:B1
Master Slot Drill:Y1
Master Slot Drill:G1
Lv5 High Core Box3
Vulcanus Smelted Stone30

Anniv P Accs.
パックAnniv P Accs.
Gems (Paid):9800
Available 1 per person
LR Jewel G Tix 20221
5th Anniversary Box1
Ultra-Precise Slot Drill1
Lv5 High Core Box3
Area Boss Ticket300

Anniv P Mount
パックAnniv P Mount
Gems (Paid):5000
Available 1 per person
Flute & Miracle Drop BOX 20221
5th Anniversary Box1
Pendulum Stone300
Sage’s Rainbow Crystal150

5th Anniversary Box

Lv5High Corebox
ATK Up High Core:R Lv5
MATK Up High Core:R Lv5
DEF Up High Core:B Lv5
MDEF Up High Core:B Lv5
HP Up High Core:Y Lv5
DL Up High Core:Y Lv5
Fire Attack High Core Lv5
Water Attack High Core Lv5
Earth Attack High Core Lv5
Wind Attack High Core Lv5
Fire Defense High Core Lv5
Water Defense High Core Lv5
Earth Defense High Core Lv5
Wind Defense High Core Lv5

Flute & Miracle Drop BOX 2022
Pegasus Whistle&Pegasus Miracle Drop
C Dragon Flute&C Dragon Miracle Drop
Chrome Emperor Flute&Chrome Emperor MiracleDrop
Robot Whistle&Robot Miracle Drop
Black Fox Flute&Black Fox Miracle Drop

Where can I buy these items?
Items are sold at "Shop"!
How to Access the Shop: Tap the Shop button at the top of the game screen,
or Tap "≡" on the left-side of the game screen > select "Shop" > tap "Shop" on the bottom-right.

*Items purchased from the Shop will be sent directly to the Item page. They will not appear in the Present Box.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.