[8/21 18:00(JST) Update]Issue with connecting to the Shop
[8/21 18:00 Update]
The three free Gachas that are currently suspended from the shop will stay suspended until the end of the maintenance on August 23.

To compensate for this issue, we will send two Gacha tickets for each Gacha (listed above).

Receiving period(JST)
Start: 2023/8/24 0:00
End: 2023/8/31 23:59

We apologize for any inconvenience way may have caused.

This is Alchemia Story team.

We have confirmed an issue where players are having difficulty connecting to the Shop.
We are currently investigating the cause of this issue, however, we have decided to stop the following Gachas for now.

▼Affected Gachas
・Summer Limited! "Once a Day Free 10x Gacha" Part 3
・Free 10x Gacha
・Welcome Gacha

We plan to put them back in the Shop once we have confirmed the cause of this issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience until we finish our investigation.