Celebrating the New Rank 3 Job Avatar Gacha


New Rank 3 Job Avatar Gacha includes avatars with abilities compatible with the new job "Death Bringer".
will be available 10% off for limited-time-only!

so don’t miss this chance!!
※The avatar in the "Death Bringer" illustration (in the banner) is not included.
Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2023/7/12 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2023/7/19 (Wed) 13:59

1 UR confirmed for 11 Draws!!
11 DrawGems(Paid):3,0002,700
Available 5 per person

Slot information
・You can get 1 slot (Red / Blue / Yellow / Green) at random for each part (Head, Top, Bottoms).

Check the featured items!


Usagi N

【Usagi Kimono Series (Head, Top, Bottoms) Common Abilities】
・Increases ATK

・1st Limit Break: Increases ATK.
・2nd Limit Break: Increases damage limit.
・3rd &4th Limit Break:Increases ATK and damage limit.

Female only
UR Usagi Hairpin N
Part: Head

Male only
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Usagi Furisode N
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Water+50

Female only
UR Usagi Hakama N
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Water+50

For both male/female
SR Usagi Kite N
Part: Accessory
Element: Water+15

For both male/female
SR Usagi Daruma N
Part: Accessory
Element: Water+15

For both male/female
Usagi Kendama N
Part: 1H Axe


Aero Force

【Aeronauts of the Sky Series (Head, Top, Bottoms) Common Abilities】
・Comes with the ability "Ace Pilot"
・Increased ATK
・During battle, your DEF decreases as your HP reduces.

・1st Limit Break: Increases DEF
・2nd Limit Break: Adds an effect that increases damage limit according to DEF.
・3rd Limit Break: Increases the maximum value of the increased damage limit according to DEF.
・4th Limit Break: Adds an effect that increases extra damage according to DEF.

For both male/female
UR Aero Force Helmet
Part: Head
Element: Wind+50

Female only
UR Aero Force Coat
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Wind+50

Female only
UR Aero Force Jeans
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Wind+50

For both male/female
SR Aero Force Plane
Part: Accessory
Element: Wind+15

For both male/female
SR Aero Force Plane
Part: Accessory
Element: Wind+15


Battle Dance F

【Dancing Butterflies Series (Head, Top, Bottoms) Common Abilities】
・Comes with the ability to increase your ATK and critical damage in exchange for reducing the weak element's attack power!
・Increased ATK at the 1st and 3rd Limit Break!
・Increased Critical Damage at the 2nd and 4th Limit Break!

[Fire Element Armor]: Water ATK decreases.
[Water Element Armor]: Earth ATK decreases.
[Earth Element Armor]: Wind ATK decreases.
[Wind Element Armor]: Fire ATK decreases.

Female only
UR Battle Dance Bangle F
Part: Head

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Battle Dance Gown F
Part: Top

Male only
Element: Fire+50

Female only
UR Battle Dance Bottoms F
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Element: Fire+50

For both male/female
Battle Dance Tonfa F

For both male/female
SR Battle Dance Wings F
Part: Accessory
Element: Fire+15

For both male/female
SR Power Orb F
Part: Accessory
Element: Fire+15

UR ★★★★:30%
SR ★★★:35%
R ★★:35%
Rarity:UR ★★★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireUsagi Hairpin R1.111%
HeadWaterUsagi Hairpin N1.111%
HeadEarthUsagi Hairpin Y1.111%
HeadWindUsagi Hairpin P1.111%
TopFireUsagi Furisode R1.111%
TopWaterUsagi Furisode N1.111%
TopEarthUsagi Furisode Y1.111%
TopWindUsagi Furisode P1.111%
BottomsFireUsagi Hakama R1.111%
BottomsWaterUsagi Hakama N1.111%
BottomsEarthUsagi Hakama Y1.111%
BottomsWindUsagi Hakama P1.111%
HeadFireFlare Force Helmet1.111%
HeadWaterAqua Force Helmet1.111%
HeadEarthGrand Force Helmet1.111%
HeadWindAero Force Helmet1.111%
TopFireFlare Force Coat1.111%
TopWaterAqua Force Coat1.111%
TopEarthGrand Force Coat1.111%
TopWindAero Force Coat1.111%
BottomsFireFlare Force Jeans1.111%
BottomsWaterAqua Force Jeans1.111%
BottomsEarthGrand Force Jeans1.111%
BottomsWindAero Force Jeans1.111%
HeadFireBattle Dance Bangle F1.111%
HeadWaterBattle Dance Bangle A1.111%
HeadEarthBattle Dance Bangle E1.111%
HeadWindBattle Dance Bangle W1.111%
TopFireBattle Dance Gown F1.111%
TopWaterBattle Dance Gown A1.111%
TopEarthBattle Dance Gown E1.111%
TopWindBattle Dance Gown W1.111%
BottomsFireBattle Dance Bottoms F1.111%
BottomsWaterBattle Dance Bottoms A1.111%
BottomsEarthBattle Dance Bottoms E1.111%
BottomsWindBattle Dance Bottoms W1.111%

Rarity:SR ★★★(Tap Here)

AccessoryFireUsagi Kite R0.200%
AccessoryWaterUsagi Kite N0.200%
AccessoryEarthUsagi Kite Y0.200%
AccessoryWindUsagi Kite P0.200%
AccessoryFireUsagi Daruma R0.200%
AccessoryWaterUsagi Daruma N0.200%
AccessoryEarthUsagi Daruma Y0.200%
AccessoryWindUsagi Daruma P0.200%
1H Axe-Usagi Kendama R0.200%
1H Axe-Usagi Kendama N0.200%
1H Axe-Usagi Kendama Y0.200%
1H Axe-Usagi Kendama P0.200%
AccessoryFireFlare Force Plane0.200%
AccessoryWaterAqua Force Plane0.200%
AccessoryEarthGrand Force Plane0.200%
AccessoryWindAero Force Plane0.200%
AccessoryFireFlare Force Penguin0.200%
AccessoryWaterAqua Force Penguin0.200%
AccessoryEarthGrand Force Penguin0.200%
AccessoryWindAero Force Penguin0.200%
Knuckles-Battle Dance Tonfa F0.200%
Knuckles-Battle Dance Tonfa A0.200%
Knuckles-Battle Dance Tonfa E0.200%
Knuckles-Battle Dance Tonfa W0.200%
AccessoryFireBattle Dance Wings F0.200%
AccessoryWaterBattle Dance Wings A0.200%
AccessoryEarthBattle Dance Wings E0.200%
AccessoryWindBattle Dance Wings W0.200%
AccessoryFirePower Orb F0.200%
AccessoryWaterPower Orb A0.200%
AccessoryEarthPower Orb E0.200%
AccessoryWindPower Orb W0.200%
HeadFireFlamme Schaller1.967%
HeadWaterWasser Schaller1.967%
HeadEarthErde Schaller1.967%
HeadWindWind Schaller1.967%
TopFireFlamme Harnisch1.967%
TopWaterWasser Harnisch1.967%
TopEarthErde Harnisch1.967%
TopWindWind Harnisch1.967%
BottomsFireFlamme Eisenschuhe1.967%
BottomsWaterWasser Eisenschuhe1.967%
BottomsEarthErde Eisenschuhe1.967%
BottomsWindWind Eisenschuhe1.967%

Rarity:R  ★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireFlame Warrior Crown0.417%
HeadWaterAqua Warrior Crown0.417%
HeadEarthEarth Warrior Crown0.417%
HeadWindAero Warrior Crown0.417%
HeadFireFlame Witch Hat0.417%
HeadWaterAqua Witch Hat0.417%
HeadEarthEarth Witch Hat0.417%
HeadWindAero Witch Hat0.417%
HeadFireFlame Rogue Headgear0.417%
HeadWaterAqua Rogue Headgear0.417%
HeadEarthEarth Rogue Headgear0.417%
HeadWindAero Rogue Headgear0.417%
TopFireFlame Warrior Coat0.417%
TopWaterAqua Warrior Coat0.417%
TopEarthEarth Warrior Coat0.417%
TopWindAero Warrior Coat0.417%
TopFireFlame Witch Robe0.417%
TopWaterAqua Witch Robe0.417%
TopEarthEarth Witch Robe0.417%
TopWindAero Witch Robe0.417%
TopFireFlame Rogue Vest0.417%
TopWaterAqua Rogue Vest0.417%
TopEarthEarth Rogue Vest0.417%
TopWindAero Rogue Vest0.417%
BottomsFireFlame Warrior Gaiters0.417%
BottomsWaterAqua Warrior Gaiters0.417%
BottomsEarthEarth Warrior Gaiters0.417%
BottomsWindAero Warrior Gaiters0.417%
BottomsFireFlame Witch Boots0.417%
BottomsWaterAqua Witch Boots0.417%
BottomsEarthEarth Witch Boots0.417%
BottomsWindAero Witch Boots0.417%
BottomsFireFlame Rogue Braies0.417%
BottomsWaterAqua Rogue Braies0.417%
BottomsEarthEarth Rogue Braies0.417%
BottomsWindAero Rogue Braies0.417%
HeadFireFlame Ritter Helm0.417%
HeadWaterAqua Ritter Helm0.417%
HeadEarthEarth Ritter Helm0.417%
HeadWindAero Ritter Helm0.417%
HeadFireFlame Sorcerer Hat0.417%
HeadWaterAqua Sorcerer Hat0.417%
HeadEarthEarth Sorcerer Hat0.417%
HeadWindAero Sorcerer Hat0.417%
HeadFireFlame Colosseum Head0.417%
HeadWaterAqua Colosseum Head0.417%
HeadEarthEarth Colosseum Head0.417%
HeadWindAero Colosseum Head0.417%
TopFireFlame Ritter Coat0.417%
TopWaterAqua Ritter Coat0.417%
TopEarthEarth Ritter Coat0.417%
TopWindAero Ritter Coat0.417%
TopFireFlame Sorcerer Robe0.417%
TopWaterAqua Sorcerer Robe0.417%
TopEarthEarth Sorcerer Robe0.417%
TopWindAero Sorcerer Robe0.417%
TopFireFlame Colosseum Vest0.417%
TopWaterAqua Colosseum Vest0.417%
TopEarthEarth Colosseum Vest0.417%
TopWindAero Colosseum Vest0.417%
BottomsFireFlame Ritter Gaiters0.417%
BottomsWaterAqua Ritter Gaiters0.417%
BottomsEarthEarth Ritter Gaiters0.417%
BottomsWindAero Ritter Gaiters0.417%
BottomsFireFlame Sorcerer Boots0.417%
BottomsWaterAqua Sorcerer Boots0.417%
BottomsEarthEarth Sorcerer Boots0.417%
BottomsWindAero Sorcerer Boots0.417%
BottomsFireFlame Colosseum Braies0.417%
BottomsWaterAqua Colosseum Braies0.417%
BottomsEarthEarth Colosseum Braies0.417%
BottomsWindAero Colosseum Braies0.417%

*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Rare item is UR ★★★★.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.