Anniversary Gacha α


Happy 5th Anniversary! "Anniversary Gacha α" now available!
Draw 10 times for 2000 Gems and get 1 Pin Badge Box!!
so don’t miss this chance!!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2023/5/31 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2023/6/14 (Wed) 13:59

1 DrawGems: 300
10 Draw
1 Pin Badge Box confirmed!
Gems: 3,0002,000

Pin Badge Box

If you use "Pin Badge Box", you can get 1 of the following.
Pin Badge [Gerumi]1
Pin Badge[Mamono-chan]1
Pin Badge [Maou-chan]1
Pin Badge [Als]1
Pin Badge [Ena]1
Pin Badge [Mana]1
Pin Badge [Kaho]1
Pin Badge [Chocola]1
Pin Badge [Fendark]1
Pin Badge [Lindow]1
Pin Badge [Chikka]1
Pin Badge [Cat]1
Pin Badge [Hakuro]1
Pin Badge [Cain]1
Pin Badge [Gyorumi]1

Check the featured items!


Noble Dress [Viné]

Female only
UR Noble Hat [Viné]
Part: Head

Male only
Wind DEF+50

Female only
UR Noble Dress [Viné]
Part: Top

Male only
Wind DEF+50

Female only
UR Noble Bottoms [Viné]
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Wind DEF+50

For both male/female
SR Rose Mask [Viné]
Part: Accessory
Wind DEF+15

For both male/female
SR Parasol [Viné]
Part: Accessory
Wind DEF+15


Celebration BL

Female only
UR Celebration Hat BL
Part: Head

Male only
Water DEF+50

Female only
UR Celebration Top BL
Part: Top

Male only
Water DEF+50

Female only
UR Celebration Bottoms BL
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Water DEF+50

For both male/female
SR Celebration Bag BL
Part: Accessory
Water DEF+15

For both male/female
SR C. Champagne BL
Part: Accessory
Water DEF+15

For both male/female
SR Blue Fireworks
Part: Accessory
Water DEF+15


Snow Magic I

For both male/female
UR Snow Magic Horns I
Part: Head
Water DEF+50

Female only
UR Snow Magic Top I
Part: Top

Male only
Water DEF+50

Female only
UR Snow Magic Bottoms I
Part: Bottoms

Male only
Water DEF+50

For both male/female
Snow Magic Staff I

For both male/female
SR Snow Magic Scarf I
Part: Accessory
Water DEF+15

For both male/female
SR Snow Magic Crystals I
Part: Accessory
Water DEF+15

UR ★★★★:30%
SR ★★★:35%
R ★★:35%
Rarity:UR ★★★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireNoble Hat [Amy]0.192%
HeadWaterNoble Hat [Crocell]0.192%
HeadEarthNoble Hat [Alloces]0.192%
HeadWindNoble Hat [Viné]0.192%
TopFireNoble Dress [Amy]0.192%
TopWaterNoble Dress [Crocell]0.192%
TopEarthNoble Dress [Alloces]0.192%
TopWindNoble Dress [Viné]0.192%
BottomsFireNoble Bottoms [Amy]0.192%
BottomsWaterNoble Bottoms [Crocell]0.192%
BottomsEarthNoble Bottoms [Alloces]0.192%
BottomsWindNoble Bottoms [Viné]0.192%
HeadFireCelebration Hat RD0.192%
HeadWaterCelebration Hat BL0.192%
HeadEarthCelebration Hat BK0.192%
HeadWindCelebration Hat GN0.192%
TopFireCelebration Top RD0.192%
TopWaterCelebration Top BL0.192%
TopEarthCelebration Top BK0.192%
TopWindCelebration Top GN0.192%
BottomsFireCelebration Bottoms RD0.192%
BottomsWaterCelebration Bottoms BL0.192%
BottomsEarthCelebration Bottoms BK0.192%
BottomsWindCelebration Bottoms GN0.192%
HeadFireSnow Magic Horns F0.192%
HeadWaterSnow Magic Horns I0.192%
HeadEarthSnow Magic Horns E0.192%
HeadWindSnow Magic Horns W0.192%
TopFireSnow Magic Top F0.192%
TopWaterSnow Magic Top I0.192%
TopEarthSnow Magic Top E0.192%
TopWindSnow Magic Top W0.192%
BottomsFireSnow Magic Bottoms F0.192%
BottomsWaterSnow Magic Bottoms I0.192%
BottomsEarthSnow Magic Bottoms E0.192%
BottomsWindSnow Magic Bottoms W0.192%
HeadFirePlum Flower Kimono F0.192%
HeadWaterPlum Flower Kimono W0.192%
HeadEarthPlum Flower Kimono E0.192%
HeadWindPlum Flower Kimono B0.192%
TopFirePlum Flower S Top F0.192%
TopWaterPlum Flower S Top W0.192%
TopEarthPlum Flower S Top E0.192%
TopWindPlum Flower S Top B0.192%
BottomsFirePlum Flower S Bottom F0.192%
BottomsWaterPlum Flower S Bottom W0.192%
BottomsEarthPlum Flower S Bottom E0.192%
BottomsWindPlum Flower S Bottom B0.192%
HeadFireSweet Chef Hat0.192%
HeadWaterFresh Chef Hat0.192%
HeadEarthBitter Chef Hat0.192%
HeadWindCool Chef Hat0.192%
TopFireSweet Chef Coat0.192%
TopWaterFresh Chef Coat0.192%
TopEarthBitter Chef Coat0.192%
TopWindCool Chef Coat0.192%
BottomsFireSweet Chef Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWaterFresh Chef Bottoms0.192%
BottomsEarthBitter Chef Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWindCool Chef Bottoms0.192%
HeadFireButterfly Head R0.192%
HeadWaterButterfly Head B0.192%
HeadEarthButterfly Head Y0.192%
HeadWindButterfly Head P0.192%
TopFireButterfly Top R0.192%
TopWaterButterfly Top B0.192%
TopEarthButterfly Top Y0.192%
TopWindButterfly Top P0.192%
BottomsFireButterfly Bottoms R0.192%
BottomsWaterButterfly Bottoms B0.192%
BottomsEarthButterfly Bottoms Y0.192%
BottomsWindButterfly Bottoms P0.192%
HeadFireFire Oni Horns0.192%
HeadWaterWater Oni Horns0.192%
HeadEarthEarth Oni Horns0.192%
HeadWindWind Oni Horns0.192%
TopFireFire Oni Top0.192%
TopWaterWater Oni Top0.192%
TopEarthEarth Oni Top0.192%
TopWindWind Oni Top0.192%
BottomsFireFire Oni Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWaterWater Oni Bottoms0.192%
BottomsEarthEarth Oni Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWindWind Oni Bottoms0.192%
HeadFireClassical Hat Fi0.192%
HeadWaterClassical Hat Wa0.192%
HeadEarthClassical Hat So0.192%
HeadWindClassical Hat Wi0.192%
TopFireClassical Top Fi0.192%
TopWaterClassical Top Wa0.192%
TopEarthClassical Top So0.192%
TopWindClassical Top Wi0.192%
BottomsFireClassical Bottoms Fi0.192%
BottomsWaterClassical Bottoms Wa0.192%
BottomsEarthClassical Bottoms So0.192%
BottomsWindClassical Bottoms Wi0.192%
HeadFireRoyal Wedding Hat R0.192%
HeadWaterRoyal Wedding Hat I0.192%
HeadEarthRoyal Wedding Hat B0.192%
HeadWindRoyal Wedding Hat W0.192%
TopFireRoyal Wedding Top R0.192%
TopWaterRoyal Wedding Top I0.192%
TopEarthRoyal Wedding Top B0.192%
TopWindRoyal Wedding Top W0.192%
BottomsFireRoyal Wedding Bottom R0.192%
BottomsWaterRoyal Wedding Bottom I0.192%
BottomsEarthRoyal Wedding Bottom B0.192%
BottomsWindRoyal Wedding Bottom W0.192%
HeadFireMarine Hoodie P0.192%
HeadWaterMarine Hoodie S0.192%
HeadEarthMarine Hoodie M0.192%
HeadWindMarine Hoodie J0.192%
TopFireMarine Top P0.192%
TopWaterMarine Top S0.192%
TopEarthMarine Top M0.192%
TopWindMarine Top J0.192%
BottomsFireMarine Pants P0.192%
BottomsWaterMarine Pants S0.192%
BottomsEarthMarine Pants M0.192%
BottomsWindMarine Pants J0.192%
HeadFireEvil Buster Hat0.192%
HeadWaterDark Buster Hat0.192%
HeadEarthDevil Buster Hat0.192%
HeadWindDemon Buster Hat0.192%
TopFireEvil Buster Coat0.192%
TopWaterDark Buster Coat0.192%
TopEarthDevil Buster Coat0.192%
TopWindDemon Buster Coat0.192%
BottomsFireEvil Buster Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWaterDark Buster Bottoms0.192%
BottomsEarthDevil Buster Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWindDemon Buster Bottoms0.192%
HeadFireArcana Headgear R0.192%
HeadWaterArcana Headgear I0.192%
HeadEarthArcana Headgear B0.192%
HeadWindArcana Headgear W0.192%
TopFireArcana Top Gear R0.192%
TopWaterArcana Top Gear I0.192%
TopEarthArcana Top Gear B0.192%
TopWindArcana Top Gear W0.192%
BottomsFireArcana Bottom Gear R0.192%
BottomsWaterArcana Bottom Gear I0.192%
BottomsEarthArcana Bottom Gear B0.192%
BottomsWindArcana Bottom Gear W0.192%
HeadFireChaos Painter Hat0.192%
HeadWaterSoul Painter Hat0.192%
HeadEarthStar Painter Hat0.192%
HeadWindLost Painter Hat0.192%
TopFireChaos Painter Top0.192%
TopWaterSoul Painter Top0.192%
TopEarthStar Painter Top0.192%
TopWindLost Painter Top0.192%
BottomsFireChaos Painter Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWaterSoul Painter Bottoms0.192%
BottomsEarthStar Painter Bottoms0.192%
BottomsWindLost Painter Bottoms0.192%

Rarity:SR ★★★(Tap Here)

AccessoryFireRose Mask [Amy]0.100%
AccessoryWaterRose Mask [Crocell]0.100%
AccessoryEarthRose Mask [Alloces]0.100%
AccessoryWindRose Mask [Viné]0.100%
AccessoryFireParasol [Amy]0.100%
AccessoryWaterParasol [Crocell]0.100%
AccessoryEarthParasol [Alloces]0.100%
AccessoryWindParasol [Viné]0.100%
AccessoryWaterCelebration Bag BL0.100%
AccessoryEarthCelebration Bag BK0.100%
AccessoryWindCelebration Bag GN0.100%
AccessoryFireC. Champagne RD0.100%
AccessoryWaterC. Champagne BL0.100%
AccessoryEarthC. Champagne BK0.100%
AccessoryWindC. Champagne GN0.100%
AccessoryFireRed Fireworks0.100%
AccessoryWaterBlue Fireworks0.100%
AccessoryEarthBlack Fireworks0.100%
AccessoryWindGreen Fireworks0.100%
Staff-Snow Magic Staff F0.100%
Staff-Snow Magic Staff I0.100%
Staff-Snow Magic Staff E0.100%
Staff-Snow Magic Staff W0.100%
AccessoryFireSnow Magic Scarf F0.100%
AccessoryWaterSnow Magic Scarf I0.100%
AccessoryEarthSnow Magic Scarf E0.100%
AccessoryWindSnow Magic Scarf W0.100%
AccessoryFireSnow Magic Crystals F0.100%
AccessoryWaterSnow Magic Crystals I0.100%
AccessoryEarthSnow Magic Crystals E0.100%
AccessoryWindSnow Magic Crystals W0.100%
Katana-Flower Katana F0.100%
Katana-Flower Katana W0.100%
Katana-Flower Katana E0.100%
Katana-Flower Katana B0.100%
AccessoryFirePlum Flower Ribbon F0.100%
AccessoryWaterPlum Flower Ribbon W0.100%
AccessoryEarthPlum Flower Ribbon E0.100%
AccessoryWindPlum Flower Ribbon B0.100%
AccessoryFirePlum Flower Umbrella F0.100%
AccessoryWaterPlum Flower Umbrella W0.100%
AccessoryEarthPlum Flower Umbrella E0.100%
AccessoryWindPlum Flower Umbrella B0.100%
AccessoryFireBerry Chocolate Cake0.100%
AccessoryWaterMint Chocolate Cake0.100%
AccessoryEarthChestnut Choco Cake0.100%
AccessoryWindMuscat Cake0.100%
AccessoryFireBrown Chinchilla N0.100%
AccessoryWaterGrey Chinchilla N0.100%
AccessoryEarthBlack Chinchilla N0.100%
AccessoryWindWhite Chinchilla N0.100%
AccessoryFireBrown Chinchilla B0.100%
AccessoryWaterGrey Chinchilla B0.100%
AccessoryEarthBlack Chinchilla B0.100%
AccessoryWindWhite Chinchilla B0.100%
AccessoryFireButterfly Wings R0.100%
AccessoryWaterButterfly Wings B0.100%
AccessoryEarthButterfly Wings Y0.100%
AccessoryWindButterfly Wings P0.100%
AccessoryFireButterfly Jewel R0.100%
AccessoryWaterButterfly Jewel B0.100%
AccessoryEarthButterfly Jewel Y0.100%
AccessoryWindButterfly Jewel P0.100%
1H Sword-Fire Oni Sword0.100%
1H Sword-Water Oni Sword0.100%
1H Sword-Earth Oni Sword0.100%
1H Sword-Wind Oni Sword0.100%
AccessoryFireFire Oni Wings0.100%
AccessoryWaterWater Oni Wings0.100%
AccessoryEarthEarth Oni Wings0.100%
AccessoryWindWind Oni Wings0.100%
AccessoryFireFire Oni Tail0.100%
AccessoryWaterWater Oni Tail0.100%
AccessoryEarthEarth Oni Tail0.100%
AccessoryWindWind Oni Tail0.100%
AccessoryFireCulture Book Fi0.100%
AccessoryWaterCulture Book Wa0.100%
AccessoryEarthCulture Book So0.100%
AccessoryWindCulture Book Wi0.100%
AccessoryFireOld-fashioned TV Fi0.100%
AccessoryWaterOld-fashioned TV Wa0.100%
AccessoryEarthOld-fashioned TV So0.100%
AccessoryWindOld-fashioned TV Wi0.100%
AccessoryFireRoyal Wedding Arch R0.100%
AccessoryWaterRoyal Wedding Arch I0.100%
AccessoryEarthRoyal Wedding Arch B0.100%
AccessoryWindRoyal Wedding Arch W0.100%
AccessoryFireRoyal Wedding Rug R0.100%
AccessoryWaterRoyal Wedding Rug I0.100%
AccessoryEarthRoyal Wedding Rug B0.100%
AccessoryWindRoyal Wedding Rug W0.100%
AccessoryFireMarine Visor P0.100%
AccessoryWaterMarine Visor S0.100%
AccessoryEarthMarine Visor M0.100%
AccessoryWindMarine Visor J0.100%
AccessoryFireWater Gun P0.100%
AccessoryWaterWater Gun S0.100%
AccessoryEarthWater Gun M0.100%
AccessoryWindWater Gun J0.100%
2H Axe-Evil Buster Weapon0.100%
2H Axe-Dark Buster Weapon0.100%
2H Axe-Devil Buster Weapon0.100%
2H Axe-Demon Buster Weapon0.100%
AccessoryFireEvil Buster Cross0.100%
AccessoryWaterDark Buster Cross0.100%
AccessoryEarthDevil Buster Cross0.100%
AccessoryWindDemon Buster Cross0.100%
AccessoryFireArcana Burst Gear R0.100%
AccessoryWaterArcana Burst Gear I0.100%
AccessoryEarthArcana Burst Gear B0.100%
AccessoryWindArcana Burst Gear W0.100%
AccessoryFireArcana Sonic Gear R0.100%
AccessoryWaterArcana Sonic Gear I0.100%
AccessoryEarthArcana Sonic Gear B0.100%
AccessoryWindArcana Sonic Gear W0.100%
AccessoryFireArcana Unit Gear R0.100%
AccessoryWaterArcana Unit Gear I0.100%
AccessoryEarthArcana Unit Gear B0.100%
AccessoryWindArcana Unit Gear W0.100%
Spear-Chaos Paint Brush0.100%
Spear-Soul Paint Brush0.100%
Spear-Star Paint Brush0.100%
Spear-Lost Paint Brush0.100%
AccessoryFireChaos Canvas0.100%
AccessoryWaterSould Canvas0.100%
AccessoryEarthStar Canvas0.100%
AccessoryWindLost Canvas0.100%
HeadFireFlamme Schaller1.858%
HeadWaterWasser Schaller1.858%
HeadEarthErde Schaller1.858%
HeadWindWind Schaller1.858%
TopFireFlamme Harnisch1.858%
TopWaterWasser Harnisch1.858%
TopEarthErde Harnisch1.858%
TopWindWind Harnisch1.858%
BottomsFireFlamme Eisenschuhe1.858%
BottomsWaterWasser Eisenschuhe1.858%
BottomsEarthErde Eisenschuhe1.858%
BottomsWindWind Eisenschuhe1.858%

Rarity:R  ★★(Tap Here)

HeadFireFlame Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadWindAero Warrior Crown0.486%
HeadFireFlame Witch Hat0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Witch Hat0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Witch Hat0.486%
HeadWindAero Witch Hat0.486%
HeadFireFlame Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Rogue Headgear0.486%
HeadWindAero Rogue Headgear0.486%
TopFireFlame Warrior Coat0.486%
TopWaterAqua Warrior Coat0.486%
TopEarthEarth Warrior Coat0.486%
TopWindAero Warrior Coat0.486%
TopFireFlame Witch Robe0.486%
TopWaterAqua Witch Robe0.486%
TopEarthEarth Witch Robe0.486%
TopWindAero Witch Robe0.486%
TopFireFlame Rogue Vest0.486%
TopWaterAqua Rogue Vest0.486%
TopEarthEarth Rogue Vest0.486%
TopWindAero Rogue Vest0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWindAero Warrior Gaiters0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsWindAero Witch Boots0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Rogue Braies0.486%
BottomsWindAero Rogue Braies0.486%
HeadFireFlame Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadWindAero Ritter Helm0.486%
HeadFireFlame Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadWindAero Sorcerer Hat0.486%
HeadFireFlame Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadWaterAqua Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadEarthEarth Colosseum Head0.486%
HeadWindAero Colosseum Head0.486%
TopFireFlame Ritter Coat0.486%
TopWaterAqua Ritter Coat0.486%
TopEarthEarth Ritter Coat0.486%
TopWindAero Ritter Coat0.486%
TopFireFlame Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopWaterAqua Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopEarthEarth Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopWindAero Sorcerer Robe0.486%
TopFireFlame Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopWaterAqua Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopEarthEarth Colosseum Vest0.486%
TopWindAero Colosseum Vest0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsWindAero Ritter Gaiters0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsWindAero Sorcerer Boots0.486%
BottomsFireFlame Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsWaterAqua Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsEarthEarth Colosseum Braies0.486%
BottomsWindAero Colosseum Braies0.486%

*Items won from the gacha can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Rare item is UR ★★★★.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.
*The animations of avatars with special animations may not work on the preview screen.