[5/24 18:00 Update] Maintenance Notice [End]


[5/24 18:00 (JST)Update]
This is Alchemia Story Team.
The maintenance we have started at 14:00, was completed at 18:00 (JST)

Changes in system
・Changed the following item names
Fried NoodlesYakisoba [Furnit.]
Flame BreathFire Breath
Bamboo ShootBamboo Shoot[Furnit.]
Thin F Crystal BladeThin E Crystal Blade
Lucky BagLucky Bag [Furnit.]
Oni MaskOni Mask [Furnit.}
Aqua Force PlaneAqua Force Penguin
Grand Force PlaneGrand Force Penguin
Aero Force PlaneAero Force Penguin
Gerumi StatueGerumi Decoration
Ork StatueOrk Decoration
Red MoonRed Crescent
Blue MoonBlue Crescent
Purple MoonPurple Crescent
Golden MoonGolden Crescent
Tater [furniture]Potato [Furnit.]
Croquette [furniture]Croquette [Furnit.]
Dauphinoise [Furniture]Dauphinoise [Furnit.]
Gerumi Ajillo [Furn.]Gerumi Ajillo [Furn.]
Brochette [Furniture]Brochette [Furnit.]
Tomato [Furniture]Tomato [Furnit.]
Ripe Apple [furniture]Ripe Apple [Furnit.]
Green Apple [furniture]Green Apple [Furnit.]
Golden Apple [furniture]Golden Apple [Furnit.]
Yaboyoh [Furniture]Yaboyoh [Furnit.]
Kadomatsu [Furniture]Kadomatsu [Furnit.]
Curry [Furniture]Curry [Furnit.]
Potato Salad? [Furniture]Potato Salad? [Furnit.]
Meal Set [Furniture]Meal Set [Furnit.]
Man-Made TaterArtificial Potato

Fixed issues
・Fixed an issue where players got stuck in the sub-quest "Time Fortress Chronos" progress 4-5.

This is Alchemia Story Team.

We will perform a maintenace with the details below.

Scheduled date (JST)
2023/5/24 (Wed) 14:00 - 18:00

Maintenance Details
・Shop Updates
[End of Sales]
 ┗ Couple Driving -Gain- Ⅱ Gacha
 ┗ Sp.Effect Weapon Ⅱ Gacha
 ┗ Area Boss Packs
 ┗ Sleeping Abyss Gacha
 ┗ Couple Drive FestR

・Added "New World" quest series

・Added Lv 3 Core Box to be tradable at Liz's Mystical Shop

・Event Update
 ┗ 5th Release Anniversary Campaign
  ┗ Free 10x Gacha
  ┗ Campaign Event "Invading Nekosuke!"
 ┗ May Screenshot Contest

[End of Event]
 ┗ Spirit Wars(Earth Spirit)

Fixed issues
・Some small adjustments and corrections.

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

*Please note that items and EXP gained right before the maintenance starts may disappear.
*Please make sure to log out before the maintenance starts.