[4/5 18:00 Update] Maintenance Notice [End]


[4/5 18:00 (JST)Update]
This is Alchemia Story Team.
The maintenance we have started at 14:00, was completed at 18:00 (JST)

Fixed issues
・Changed the following skill name
The Warth of ZeusThe Wrath of Zeus

This is Alchemia Story Team.

We will perform a maintenace with the details below.

Scheduled date (JST)
2023/4/5 (Wed) 14:00 - 18:00

Maintenance Details
・Shop Updates
[End of Sales]
 ┗ Couple Driving -Gain- Ⅱ Gacha
 ┗ Sp.Effect WeaponⅡ Gacha
 ┗ Area Boss Packs
 ┗ Sp.Effect Weapon Gacha
 ┗ Couple Driving -Gain- Gacha
 ┗ Area Boss Packs
 ┗ Magical Angels Gacha

・Event Update
[End of Event]
 ┗ Spring Support Campaign

Changes in system
・Changed the target to Driver when using the Ox Cart.
・Increased the maps with Ox Cart and Driver.
 The maps are as follows.
*Some maps have only the Driver.
~List of Maps with the Driver~
Mountains & Grasslands
Border (Duchy)
Road to God
Duchy of Schlinger
Village of Immortality
Village of Destruction
Round Rock
Outside Tower
Priestess's Residence
State of Abul
Border (State)
Wide Plain
Large-Scale Farm
Enhancement C. Front
Enhancement Center
In Front of Coal Mine
Republic of Marlo
Tri Country Border
Mountain, Sea & Beach
Fruiting Peninsula
Blessed Sea Gate
Maou Castle-Outer Ward
Petrified Village
Loser's Bed
Krishna Kingdom
Monster Lake
The Far Land
The Forgotten Village
Road to Divine Palace

Fixed issues
・Fixed a bug with the event "The Other World City Force~Part 2~" "Part 2: Reception" map where players weren't able to enter Daily Dungeons and change their jobs.
・Fixed a bug with the event "The Other World City Force" where players are able to collect the event item past its limit (99999).
・Some small adjustments and corrections.

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

*Please note that items and EXP gained right before the maintenance starts may disappear.
*Please make sure to log out before the maintenance starts.