Assorted Female NPC Gacha


Gacha featuring selected Female NPC avatars is here!
Includes only SR NPC Avatars!
Take this chance to get your favorite character's avatar!

so don’t miss this chance!!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2024/6/9 (Sun) 15:00
End: 2024/6/16 (Sun) 14:59

5 DrawsGems(Paid): 1,200

Introducing some of the Avatar!


*This will be "Avatar Only Item" with no increasing physical attack or defence.
Hikari(Tap Here)

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes I
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes N
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes G
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes S
Part: Top



*This will be "Avatar Only Item" with no increasing physical attack or defence.
Rikuru(Tap Here)

For both male/female
SR Flower Corsage C
Parts: Head

For both male/female
SR Flower Corsage G
Parts: Head

For both male/female
SR Flower Corsage B
Parts: Head

For both male/female
SR Flower Corsage J
Parts: Head

Female only

Male only
SR Rikuru Maid Dress G
Parts: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Rikuru Maid Dress R
Parts: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Rikuru Maid Dress B
Parts: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Rikuru Maid Dress P
Parts: Top

Rarity:SR ★★★(Rates:100%)
Rarity:SR ★★★(Tap Here)

Top-Hikari’s Clothes I0.544%
Top-Hikari’s Clothes N0.544%
Top-Hikari’s Clothes G0.544%
Top-Hikari’s Clothes S0.544%
Head-Flower Corsage C0.544%
Head-Flower Corsage G0.544%
Head-Flower Corsage B0.544%
Head-Flower Corsage J0.544%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress G0.544%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress R0.544%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress B0.544%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress P0.544%
Top-Anastasia Arca Dress0.544%
Top-Euryops Arca Dress0.544%
Top-Arctotis Arca Dress0.544%
Top-Daisy Arca Dress0.544%
TopWindForgiveness Cleric Bliaud0.544%
TopEarthGuide Cleric Bliaud0.544%
TopWaterSermon Cleric Bliaud0.544%
TopFirePreach Cleric Bliaud0.544%
TopWindReception Suit K0.544%
TopEarthReception Suit R0.544%
TopWaterReception Suit O0.544%
TopFireReception Suit W0.544%
BottomsWindLoose Skirt P0.544%
BottomsEarthLoose Skirt O0.544%
BottomsWaterLoose Skirt H0.544%
BottomsFireLoose Skirt S0.544%
TopWindLoose Top P0.544%
TopEarthLoose Top O0.544%
TopWaterLoose Top H0.544%
TopFireLoose Top S0.544%
TopWindTokiwa Green Long Clothes0.544%
TopEarthGrass Yellow Long Clothes0.544%
TopWaterIndigo Blue Long Clothes0.544%
TopFireDeep Red Long Clothes0.544%
TopWindTokiwa Green Clothes0.544%
TopEarthGrass Yellow Clothes0.544%
TopWaterIndigo Blue Clothes0.544%
TopFireDeep Red Clothes0.544%
BottomsWindServant Skirt D0.544%
BottomsEarthServant Skirt L0.544%
BottomsWaterServant Skirt O0.544%
BottomsFireServant Skirt G0.544%
TopWindServant Dress D0.544%
TopEarthServant Dress L0.544%
TopWaterServant Dress O0.544%
TopFireServant Dress G0.544%
BottomsWindGraceful Lady Skirt0.544%
BottomsEarthPure Lady Skirt0.544%
BottomsWaterInnocent Lady Skirt0.544%
TopWindGraceful Lady Dress0.544%
TopEarthPure Lady Dress0.544%
TopWaterInnocent Lady Dress0.544%
TopFireElegant Lady Dress0.544%
TopFireVest of Wisdom0.544%
TopWaterVest of Mercy0.544%
TopEarthVest of Longing0.544%
TopWindVest of Hope0.544%
BottomsFireLeggings of Wisdom0.544%
BottomsWaterLeggings of Mercy0.544%
BottomsEarthLeggings of Longing0.544%
BottomsWindLeggings of Hope0.544%
TopFirePretty Waitress0.544%
TopWaterBeautiful Waitress0.544%
TopEarthJoyful Waitress0.544%
TopWindCharming Waitress0.544%
Head-Royal Maika Hood0.544%
Head-Queen Maika Hood0.544%
Head-Empress Maika Hood0.544%
Head-Princess Maika Hood0.544%
Top-Royal Maika Dress0.544%
Top-Queen Maika Dress0.544%
Top-Empress Maika Dress0.544%
Top-Princess Maika Dress0.544%
Top-Pedlar Tunic M0.544%
Top-Pedlar Tunic A0.544%
Top-Pedlar Tunic R0.544%
Top-Pedlar Tunic T0.544%
Head-Hair Ribbon M0.544%
Head-Hair Ribbon A0.544%
Head-Hair Ribbon I0.544%
Head-Hair Ribbon D0.544%
Top-Long Apron Dress M0.544%
Top-Long Apron Dress A0.544%
Top-Long Apron Dress I0.544%
Top-Long Apron Dress D0.544%
Bottoms-Long Apron Skirt M0.544%
Bottoms-Long Apron Skirt A0.544%
Bottoms-Long Apron Skirt I0.544%
Bottoms-Long Apron Skirt D0.544%
Head-Ribbon Hair Band M0.544%
Head-Ribbon Hair Band A0.544%
Head-Ribbon Hair Band I0.544%
Head-Ribbon Hair Band D0.544%
Top-Apron Dress M0.544%
Top-Apron Dress A0.544%
Top-Apron Dress I0.544%
Top-Apron Dress D0.544%
Bottoms-Apron Skirt M0.544%
Bottoms-Apron Skirt A0.544%
Bottoms-Apron Skirt I0.544%
Bottoms-Apron Skirt D0.544%
Top-Paula’s Clothes G0.544%
Top-Paula’s Clothes R0.544%
Top-Paula’s Clothes B0.544%
Top-Paula’ Clothes O0.544%
Top-Shall’s Clothes G0.544%
Top-Shall’s Clothes B0.544%
Top-Shall’s Clothes R0.544%
Top-Shall’s Clothes D0.544%
Head-F Believer Hair Acc [Red]0.544%
Head-F Believer Hair Acc [Navy]0.544%
Head-F Believer Hair Acc[Black]0.544%
Head-F Believer Hair Acc[White]0.544%
Top-F Believer Uniform [Red]0.544%
Top-F Believer Uniform [Navy]0.544%
Top-F Believer Uniform [Black]0.544%
Top-F Believer Uniform [White]0.544%
Top-Ena Clothes B0.544%
Top-Ena Clothes O0.544%
Top-Ena Clothes N0.544%
Top-Ena Clothes D0.544%
Head-Mana Hood B0.544%
Head-Mana Hood O0.544%
Head-Mana Hood N0.544%
Head-Mana Hood D0.544%
Top-Mana Dress B0.544%
Top-Mana Dress O0.544%
Top-Mana Dress N0.544%
Top-Mana Dress D0.544%
Top-Ladies’ Kingdom Costume BK0.544%
Top-Ladies’ Kingdom Costume R0.544%
Top-Ladies’ Kingdom Costume WH0.544%
Top-Ladies’ Kingdom Costume G0.544%
Head-Fur Knit Cap B0.544%
Head-Fur Knit Cap I0.544%
Head-Fur Knit Cap G0.544%
Head-Fur Knit Cap W0.544%
Top-Lucce’s Dress B0.544%
Top-Lucce’s Dress I0.544%
Top-Lucce’s Dress G0.544%
Top-Lucce’s Dress W0.544%
Head-Fur Beret PW0.543%
Head-Fur Beret BY0.543%
Head-Fur Beret BP0.543%
Head-Fur Beret GR0.543%
Top-Libera’s Clothes PW0.543%
Top-Libera’s Clothes BY0.543%
Top-Libera’s Clothes BP0.543%
Top-Libera’s Clothes GR0.543%
Top-Chocola Dress I0.543%
Top-Chocola Dress R0.543%
Top-Chocola Dress B0.543%
Top-Chocola Dress G0.543%
Top-Pick’s Mining Clothes G0.543%
Top-Pick’s Mining Clothes Y0.543%
Top-Pick’s Mining Clothes B0.543%
Top-Pick’s Mining Clothes R0.543%
Accessory-Green Ore Hairpin0.543%
Accessory-Yellow Ore Hairpin0.543%
Accessory-Blue Ore Hairpin0.543%
Accessory-Red Ore Hairpin0.543%
Accessory-Hair Ribbon G0.543%
Accessory-Hair Ribbon Y0.543%
Accessory-Hair Ribbon B0.543%
Accessory-Hair Ribbon R0.543%
Top-Loran Robe W0.543%
Top-Loran Robe G0.543%
Top-Loran Robe B0.543%
Top-Loran Robe P0.543%
Top-Peary Clothes B0.543%
Top-Peary Clothes D0.543%
Top-Peary Clothes F0.543%
Top-Peary Clothes E0.543%
Top-Noble Maid Dress M0.543%
Top-Noble Maid Dress A0.543%
Top-Noble Maid Dress I0.543%
Top-Noble Maid Dress D0.543%
Top-Reika’s Clothes C0.543%
Top-Reika’s Clothes A0.543%
Top-Reika’s Clothes R0.543%
Top-Reika’s Clothes E0.543%

*Items won from the Gacha can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.