[2024/5/15 Update]New job added! December 7 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our December 7th update!

・Added an Extra Job

Added a new Extra Job "Receptor"!
This new extra job "Receptor" has similar abilites as a rank 3 job!

About the "Receptor"
Priest who possess the power of demons, transferring it to themselves.

How to Change Jobs to Receptor
◆Conditions to Job Quests
・You have cleared main quest Ch.90
・You have cleared sub quest "Magic Swordsman's Daughter"

◆Where to Change Jobs
Accept and complete the "Receptor" job quest from NPC Kaho in the Abul State Tavern to get permission to change.

Introducing Receptor skills!
◆Attacking Roar
Adds MATK with phys. Receptor skills. Increases effect time & phys. skill effect with Reinforce.


◆Magical Roar
Adds ATK with magic Receptor skills. Increases effect time & magic skill effect with Reinforce.


Increases your damage limit. Boosts Receptor buffs used during the effect.


About Receptor Skills
Receptors can learn some skills their enemies use.
In a battle, Receptors can use their own skills, as well as learn their enemies skills and use them as passive skills.

◆How to Learn Enemy Skills
You can learn the skills by trading a special skill item with Rein in front of the Enhancement Center,
You can get the skill items by defeating the target enemy on certain areas as a Receptor. After defeating the enemy, they will drop the items.

Learnable SkillSkill ItemTarget EnemyArea
Skull SplitterR: Skull SplitterOrkBorder (State)
Shield BashR: Shield BashRabberOutside Tower
Wind BlastR: Wind BlastHarpyMonster Lake
Lava ShotR: Lava ShotFried Nugget3-country Borderline
Howling KickR: Howling KickShinowoofFire Cave 2F
Shockwave FistR: Shockwave FistArabiwoofFruiting Peninsula
Double SlashR: Double SlashWeasel、Ignacio、ShawnMonster Lake
Cracking GroundR: Cracking GroundTurtle ReefFountain of Recovery
Sharp ClawR: Sharp ClawToppoParty Dungeon - Underground Factory Boss
Raging BladeR: Raging BladeAstanaTower of Time Floor B3F
Meow KickR: Meow KickCherTower of Time Floor B5F
Ork RushR: Ork RushDuroc Beg ~ SuperFruiting Peninsula Area Boss
Trap of flamesR: Trap of FlamesCaliente Beg ~ Super3-country Borderline Area Boss
MassacreR: MassacreDrauga Beg ~ SuperMaou Castle - Outer Ward Area Boss
NoxR: NoxFafnir Beg ~ SuperOutside Tower Area Boss
VariantR: VariantDashaKrishna Kingdom Area Boss
Inferno DriveR: Inferno DriveFlame Spirit Adv ~ HellEvent Area (during Spirit Wars)
Magic (Water)R: Magic (Water)GerumiHimalayas and Grass field
Magic (Fire)R: Magic (Fire)KonomiWide range plain
Magic (Wind)R: Magic (Wind)MelomiBorder (Duchy)
Magic (Earth)R: Magic (Earth)ZorumiUnderground Factory Floor 2
VenomR: VenomNessyRoad to God
Rapid StreamR: Rapid StreamNussyFountain of Recovery
Stone WedgeR: Stone WedgeOgreUnderground Factory Floor 2
CycloneR: CycloneTebasakiBorder (State)
You'll be wiped out!R:You'll be wiped out!Fukuro BearOutside Tower
Prepare to be crushed!R: Be crushed!Kataki BearBottomless Coalmine 4F
Awesome MagicR: Awesome MagicOctopa3-country Borderline
Fire CageR: Fire CageCrocodileBottomless Coalmine 2F
Fire SnakeR: Fire SnakeFlame CrystalFire Cave 4F
ArmageddonR: ArmageddonSalamanderParty Dungeon - Fire Cave Boss
Breath of ResentmentR:Breath of ResentmentDilitherio SuperMonster Lake Area Boss
Liquid CompoundR: Liquid CompoundFairy shroomValley of the Wind 4F
HungryR: HungryLil RabberIn Front of Coal Mine
Cool DanceR: Cool DanceTreentFruiting Peninsula
Mightly RoarR: Mightly RoarCocoTower of Time Floor B9F
Origin of LifeR: Origin of LifeIzumi(Water Spirit) Adv ~ HellEvent Area (during Spirit Wars)
Mystic Thunder ArmorR:Mystic Thunder ArmorEarth Spirit Adv ~ HellEvent Area (during Spirit Wars)
Heal WindR: Heal WindWind Spirit Adv ~ HellEvent Area (during Spirit Wars)
HowlR: HowlAlstoraMountains, seas and beaches
Daunting PoseR: Daunting PoseMine GeneralParty Dungeon - Abandoned Mine Boss
ScalesR: ScalesOcypete Beg ~ SuperMountains, seas and beaches Area Boss
EarthquakeR: EarthquakeArchelonThe Far Land Area Boss
Thunder FireR: Thunder FireVulkanFire Cave Area Boss
Water BladeR: Water BladeBuccaneerUnderground Factory 5F Area Boss
AmatsukazeR: AmatsukazeSylphaUnsealed Forest Area Boss