September 14 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our September 14th update!

・Added "New World" quest series
 ┗ "[N] Leaving the Desert"
 ┗ "[N]Searching Magical Tools"

Content introduction
The identity of the mysterious merchant who was selling dangerous magical tools in various places was finally revealed.
The explorers attempt to follow in his footsteps, but their path is blocked by a large number of Maous.
After managing to overcome the situation, they are reunited with some unexpected people.
However, that brought in new threats...

*You can accept "[N] Leaving the Desert" after clearing "[N] The Secret Revealed".

*Some "female YOME 1" voices will not play in the new quests.
Scheduled to add voices to be played in the later update.
Event scenes will be added in to the album when quest is cleared. After the voices are added and checked the album, you will be able to see it with the voice.