October 20 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our October 20th update!

・Added 2 "Alchemia Record 2" chapters
┗ "GeruMew Strikes Back"
┗ "GeruMew Evolution"

Content introduction
Something wakes up somewhere in the world, confused, but eventually begins to move with a firm purpose...
This leads to an "invasion" that would change the way the world works.

By the time our explorers noticed, the invasion from the other world had already started.
They start traveling around the world to find the core of the invasion.

During their journey they meet powerful enemies who have been affected by the invasion...
Can our heroes defeat this invasion?!

*You are able to accept quests of this series after clearing the Main Quest Ch. 65.
*You can accept "GeruMew Strikes Back" after clearing "Hero Studies".