August 11 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our August 11th update!

・Added sub-quests.
┗ "Gamblers"
┗ "Hero Studies"


A game from another world called "Magical Mahjong" that Kairos found in the Duchy was the beginning of this all...?

Another invasion from the other world awaits you in the casino!
Win the three gambling games and stop the invasion!

"Hero Studies"

You learn about a mysterious salon, the "Glasses Club", where only intellectuals who wear glasses are allowed to join.
You also see Yomi wearing a strange costume for her work?!

Glasses Club suddenly disbanded, but what is the truth behind that?
And who is the mysterious organizer?

There's only ever one truth, but the story takes a (probably) unexpected turn...

※The voices of this event haven't been added due to a delay in the recording schedule caused by the outbreak of COVID-19.
We will add the voices as soon as we are ready, so please kindy wait for now.
If you play the event before the voices are implemented, you can check the voiced version in the album later.