May 19 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our May 19 update!

・Added a Party Recruitment feature
・Added 2 new quests
・Implemented the 5th stage of Charm Limit Break (Max Lv50⇒60)

Added a Party Recruitment feature
 You can recruit Party members from Interactions > Party

Two New Quests
┗ these 2 chapters are available to accept after clearing Main Quest Ch. 65.
※You can accept the new quests after clearing "Stuffed Peppers With Meat" and moving to Fruiting Peninsula.

Charm Limit Break Stage 5(Max Lv50⇒60)
You can limit break your Charms up to stage 5, which will increase the max level to Lv 60.

Find more details about Charms here!
Find more details about Charm Limit Break here!

materials for breaking through their limit.
StepMax LvNecessary materials①Necessary materials②Necessary materials③Zell
120Essence [Job]×100Alkahest×10Rainbow Orb×101000
230Essence [Job]×150Alkahest×15Material A×55000
340Pure Es [Job]×10Cinnabar×10Ancient Container×110000
450Pure Es [Job]×30Cinnabar×15Black Tourmaline×150000
560Charm Decoration×1Shiny Es [Job]×30Rainbow Orb×25100000

How to get Limit Break materials
・How to get Charm Decorations
You can get them at NPC Kokujou's Exchange in the Enhancement Center.

・How to get Shiny Es [Job name]
You can get them at NPC Kokujou's Exchange in the Enhancement Center.

・How to get Rainbow Orbs
Reamis in Orb Dungeons sometimes drop them.
You can also get them for defeating Raid Bosses in each area.

・How to get Material A
Drop from Area Bosses Geru Grandpa, Iberico, Tebakizoku, Kono Grandma

・How to get Black Tourmaline
Low rate drop from Area Bosses Ocypete, Duroc, Caliente, Dilitherio, Drauga

・How to get Pure Es
You can also trade it with NPC Kokujou in Enhancement Center

・How to get "Alkahest" and "Cinnabar
You can trade them at Liz's Mystical Shop in Duchy of Schlinger, State of Abul and Republic of Marlo

・How to get Ancient Container
Get by Dowsing
┗The higher level your Mount has, the better chances you have to get materials.

Dowsing Map
Himalayas and Grass fieldIn Front of Coal Mine
Along borderline(Duchy)3-country Borderline
Road to GodMountains, seas and beaches
Outside TowerFruiting Peninsula
Along borderline(State)Monster Lake
Wide range plain