【4/14 Fixed】New Rank 3 Job "Shaman" is Here! April 14 Update!


New Rank 3 Job [Shaman] Added!
Let's welcome a new rank 3 job, "Shaman"!

Only a handful of Explorers with the right mindset and skills can surpass the tough trials that await them.

Conditions to Accept Rank 3 Job Quests
Players are required to meet the following conditions to accept rank 3 job quests.
・Level up the rank 2 job to Lv 70 and clear the quest "About Rank 3 Jobs". You can accept it from Kaho.
*You can accept "About Rank 3 Jobs" after clearing the Main Quest Ch. 76 and Sub Quest "Tempting Astral Weapons".
・After clearing "About Rank 3 Jobs", you must have an UR or LR Akashic Weapon to take the pre-test of each rank 3 job.
*You can take the Pre-Test from NPC "Adventure Master" outside the Tower.

About Shaman
Shaman. A demon who is the core of calamity and its overflowing resentment creates trouble all around.


Requirements to change your job to a Shaman
◆Job Quest Requirements
・Clear "About Rank 3 Jobs"
・Pass the Pre-Test for Shaman
・Mage Lv 70 or above
You must have Akashic Weapon "Anathema Vomos" or "Anathema Vomos Ω

◆Where to Change Jobs
Accept the job quest for "Shaman" from Kaho at the Tavern in the State of Abul. After clearing it you can change your job.

Introducing Shaman skills!
◆Vindictive Sword


Adds a Grudge Mark when using Cursed Hour during the effect and adds Grudge after the effect [Dagger Only] [Conjurer Type Only]
※It is not possible to add "Vindictive Sword" again until the "Grudge" effect runs off.

◆Thorn of Misery


【4/14 Fixed】Reduced ATK on all enemies Reduced ATK on one enemy and adds an effect after. Boosted effect when adding Grudge Mark to the target [Dagger Only] [Conjurer Type Only]
※Triggers "Calamity" to target enemies right before the reduced ATK effect runs off.
※【4/14 Fixed】There was a mistake in the skill description in the game and in this notice, which we have fixed it. The description in the game will be corrected at a later date

◆Weeping Soul


Adds Weeping Soul with different effects to all. Boosted effect when adding a Grudge Mark and Calamity [Dagger Only] [Conjurer Type Only]