NPC Avatar Gacha (Light & Hikari) now available!
NPC Avatar Gacha (Light & Hikari) including NPC avatar armors is now available!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2023/1/25 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2023/2/1 (Wed) 14:59

1x draw bonus included in the x5 draw!!
5 SpinsGems: 1,200

Featured items!



*This will be "Avatar Only Item" with no increasing physical attack or defence.
Hikari(Tap Here)

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes I
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes N
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes G
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Hikari's Clothes S
Part: Top



*This will be "Avatar Only Item" with no increasing physical attack or defence.
Light(Tap Here)

Female only

Male only
SR Light's Clothes S
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Light's Clothes I
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Light's Clothes B
Part: Top

Female only

Male only
SR Light's Clothes L
Part: Top

Offering Rate
SR ★★★ :100%
SR line-up list(Tap Here)

Top-Light's Clothes S1.200%
Top-Light's Clothes I1.200%
Top-Light's Clothes B1.200%
Top-Light's Clothes L1.200%
Top-Hikari's Clothes I1.200%
Top-Hikari's Clothes N1.200%
Top-Hikari's Clothes G1.200%
Top-Hikari's Clothes S1.200%
Head-Flower Corsage C0.983%
Head-Flower Corsage G0.983%
Head-Flower Corsage B0.983%
Head-Flower Corsage J0.983%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress G0.983%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress R0.983%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress B0.983%
Top-Rikuru Maid Dress P0.983%
Top-Shou's Clothes B0.983%
Top-Shou's Clothes Y0.983%
Top-Shou's Clothes R0.983%
Top-Shou's Clothes G0.983%
Top-Alchemist Coat Zman0.983%
Top-Alchemist Coat Malé0.983%
Top-Alchemist Coat Sod0.983%
Top-Alchemist Coat Emes0.983%
Top-Anastasia Arca Dress0.983%
Top-Euryops Arca Dress0.983%
Top-Arctotis Arca Dress0.983%
Top-Daisy Arca Dress0.983%
TopWindForgiveness Cleric Robe0.983%
TopEarthGuidance Cleric Robe0.983%
TopWaterSermon Cleric Robe0.983%
TopFirePreach Cleric Robe0.983%
TopWindForgiveness Cleric Bliaud0.983%
TopEarthGuide Cleric Bliaud0.983%
TopWaterSermon Cleric Bliaud0.983%
TopFirePreach Cleric Bliaud0.983%
TopWindBartender Suit K0.983%
TopEarthBartender Suit C0.983%
TopWaterBartender Suit O0.983%
TopFireBartender Suit R0.983%
TopWindReception Suit K0.983%
TopEarthReception Suit R0.983%
TopWaterReception Suit O0.983%
TopFireReception Suit W0.983%
BottomsWindClerk Caliga P0.983%
BottomsEarthClerk Caliga O0.983%
BottomsWaterClerk Caliga H0.983%
BottomsFireClerk Caliga S0.983%
TopWindClerk Vest P0.983%
TopEarthClerk Vest O0.983%
TopWaterClerk Vest H0.983%
TopFireClerk Vest S0.983%
BottomsWindLoose Skirt P0.983%
BottomsEarthLoose Skirt O0.983%
BottomsWaterLoose Skirt H0.983%
BottomsFireLoose Skirt S0.983%
TopWindLoose Top P0.983%
TopEarthLoose Top O0.983%
TopWaterLoose Top H0.983%
TopFireLoose Top S0.983%
TopWindTokiwa Green Long Clothes0.983%
TopEarthGrass Yellow Long Clothes0.983%
TopWaterIndigo Blue Long Clothes0.983%
TopFireDeep Red Long Clothes0.983%
TopWindTokiwa Green Clothes0.983%
TopEarthGrass Yellow Clothes0.983%
TopWaterIndigo Blue Clothes0.983%
TopFireDeep Red Clothes0.983%
BottomsWindServant Skirt D0.983%
BottomsEarthServant Skirt L0.983%
BottomsWaterServant Skirt O0.983%
BottomsFireServant Skirt G0.983%
TopWindServant Dress D0.983%
TopEarthServant Dress L0.983%
TopWaterServant Dress O0.983%
TopFireServant Dress G0.983%
BottomsWindMillionare Breeches D0.983%
BottomsEarthMillionare Breeches L0.983%
BottomsWaterMillionare Breeches O0.983%
BottomsFireMillionare Breeches G0.983%
TopWindMillionare Coat D0.983%
TopEarthMillionare Coat L0.983%
TopWaterMillionare Coat O0.983%
TopFireMillionare Coat G0.983%
BottomsWindGraceful Lady Skirt0.983%
BottomsEarthPure Lady Skirt0.983%
BottomsWaterInnocent Lady Skirt0.983%
BottomsFireElegant Lady Skirt0.983%
TopWindGraceful Lady Dress0.983%
TopEarthPure Lady Dress0.983%
TopWaterInnocent Lady Dress0.983%
TopFireElegant Lady Dress0.983%
BottomsWindWarm Butler Pants0.983%
BottomsEarthHonest Butler Pants0.983%
BottomsWaterBright Butler Pants0.983%
BottomsFireHumble Butler Pants0.983%
TopFireHumble Butler Coat0.983%
TopWaterBright Butler Coat0.983%
TopEarthHonest Butler Coat0.983%
TopWindWarm Butler Coat0.983%

*Items won from the Gacha can be received from the Present Box.
*There may be overlaps of same items won as well.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*There may be changes in even session without notice.
*There may be time for resell of limite-time-items, after the session.
*The picture appearing may differ according to the combination of equipment and system.