Mounts with Sp Effects against Bosses! Couple Driving -Gain- Ⅲ Gacha
Get all kinds of Mounts from "Couple Driving -Gain- Ⅲ Gacha"!
Increased rates for Mount Opening Items with sp effects against Drauga & Miracle Drops on Step 2!
Get Mount Opening Items with sp effects against Drauga or Miracle Drops or Crystals on Step 3!
Each step has nice features!

*The special effect of Mounts with special effects against Area Bosses increases by breaking the limit and raising the level.
See more details about Mount here!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2024/7/12 (Fri) 15:00
End: 2024/7/19 (Fri) 14:59

1Gems (Paid)
1200 ⇒1000
5 Draws
200 Gems Discount!
2Gems (Paid)
5 Draws
Increased rates for selected Mount Opening Items with sp effects against Drauga & Miracle Drops!
3Gems (Paid)
5 Draws
Get selected Mount Opening Items with sp effects against Drauga or Miracle Drops or Crystals!
*After Step 3 you will return to Step 2.

Crystal,Miracle Drop,Sage’s Rainbow Crystal

You can exchange Mount Flutes at Liz’s Mystical Shop by collecting a certain number of Crystals that come out from the Gacha.
You can also trade your extra Crystals, Mount Flutes and Miracle Drops to Rainbow Crystals.
When you collect Rainbow Crystals, you can trade them for Mount Flutes and Miracle Drops.
ItemReceiving Your Item
(Mount name)Flute×1Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×75
Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×150(Mount name)Flute×1
Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×750(Mount name)Miracle Drop×1
(Mount name)Crystal×100(Mount name)Flute that matches with (Mount name)Crystal×1
(Mount name)Crystal×1Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×1
(Mount name)Miracle Drop×1Sage’s Rainbow Crystal×250

※"Crescent Moon Flute ・C. Moon Miracle Drop" cannot be traded with Sage Rainbow Crystals .

Featured items!


Check details about Mount abilities here!
*Mounts that are not included in this selection are also listed.

Offering Rate
UR ★★★★:20%
R ★★:80%
Rarity:UR ★★★★

Bear's Bamboo Flute11.598%1.500%1.500%
Flying Board's Flute11.598%1.500%1.500%
Flying Carpet's Pungi11.598%1.500%1.500%
Flying Chair's Harmonica11.598%1.500%1.500%
Macaron's Flute11.598%1.500%1.500%
Kitsune Flute11.598%1.500%1.500%
Flying Broom Ocarina11.598%1.500%1.500%
DIY Box Car Horn11.598%1.500%1.500%
Coffee Cup Trumpet11.598%1.500%1.500%
Ghost Flute11.598%1.500%1.500%
Crescent Moon Flute【step3 Guaranteed Item】11.598%3.000%3.000%
Bear's Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Board's Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Carpet's Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Chair's Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Macaron's Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Kitsune Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Flying Broom Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
DIY Box Car Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Coffee Cup Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
Ghost Miracle Drop10.220%0.150%0.150%
C. Moon Miracle Drop【step3 Guaranteed Item】10.220%0.500%0.500%

Rarity:R ★★

Bear Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
Board Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
Carpet Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
Chair Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
Macaron Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
Kitsune Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
Flying Broom Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
DIY Box Car Crystal50.896%0.896%0.896%
Coffee Cup Crystal50.897%0.897%0.897%
Ghost Crystal50.897%0.897%0.897%
Crescent Moon Crystal【step3 Guaranteed Item】50.897%0.897%0.897%
Bear Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Board Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Carpet Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Chair Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Macaron Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Kitsune Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Flying Broom Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
DIY Box Car Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Coffee Cup Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Ghost Crystal32.147%2.147%2.147%
Crescent Moon Crystal【step3 Guaranteed Item】32.147%2.147%2.147%
Bear Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Board Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Carpet Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Chair Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Macaron Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Kitsune Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Flying Broom Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
DIY Box Car Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Coffee Cup Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Ghost Crystal14.230%4.230%4.230%
Crescent Moon Crystal【step3 Guaranteed Item】14.230%4.230%4.230%

*Items won from the Gacha can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Rare item is UR ★★★★.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.