Idea Series
The "Idea series" are powerful weapons that can be made from materials obtained from the Area Bosses "Dasha", "Drauga (Adv+)" and "Fafnir (Adv+)".

※Find more details about the Area Boss "Dasha" here.

Idea Series Common Abilities



When Idea series weapons are enhanced to UR or higher, you will get the following effects.
・Strenghtened ATK/MATK to the same weapon type as the equipped Idea series weapon.
・Increased HP according to the number of the same weapon type as the equipped Idea series weapon.
However, there is no enhancement to "Cores" or "Abilities".

How to create Idea series weapons
You can create Idea series weapons in the Enhancement Center with Sumina after collecting the necessary materials.

・Resonant Weapon creation
You can create a Neutral Idea series weapon.
Item NameNecessary AmountWhere To Get?
Obsidian1Clear the Queen quest / Defeat reward
Black Diopside25Drauga (Adv+) drop
Neutral Diopside25Fafnir (Adv+) drop

・Idea Weapon Evolution to UR
The Neutral Idea series weapon gets an element and the rarity becomes UR.
Item NameNecessary AmountWhere To Get?
LV80 Neutral element Idea weapon1Resonant Weapon creation
Jet Black Shard30Queen drop material
Area Boss Adv+ element material100Material for the element of your choice

・Idea Weapon Evolution to LR
The Idea series weapon with an element gets a unique ability and its rarity becomes LR.
Item NameNecessary AmountWhere To Get?
LV100 Idea weapon with an element (UR)1Idea Weapon Evolution to UR
Jet Black Lump1Queen rare drop material
Recycled weapon pieces500Weapon pieces for the weapon you want to trade

Restrictions on creating Idea series weapons
You cannot have more than one of the same weapon type.
Ex) If you have 1 UR Idea Staff, you cannot create SR Idea Staff, UR Idea Staff or LR Idea Staff.

The number of "Obsidians", the key material required to create Idea series weapons, is fixed, and therefore it is not possible to create all weapon types.
"Crystallize" the Idea series from Sumina's Rune menu to retrieve "Obsidian".
※The materials used to create the Idea series weapon, except Obsidian, will disappear when crystallized.