New Rank 3 Job is Here! September 23 Update!


3 New Rank 3 Job Added!
Let's welcome a new rank 3 job, "Kaiser"!

Only a handful of Explorers with the right mindset and skills can surpass these tough trials.

Conditions to Accept Rank 3 Job Quests
Players are required to meet the following conditions to accept rank 3 job quests.
・Level up the rank 2 job to Lv 70 and clear the quest "About Rank 3 Jobs". You can accept it from Kaho.
*You can accept "About Rank 3 Jobs" after clearing the Main Quest Ch. 76 and Sub Quest "Tempting Astral Weapons".
・After clearing "About Rank 3 Jobs", you must have an UR or LR Akashic Weapon to take the pre-test of each rank 3 job.
*You can take the Pre-Test from NPC "Adventure Master" outside the Tower.

About Kaiser
Kaiser is an incarnation of a Battle God, who has mastered the fist-fighting skills. However, he continues to reach even higher with his polished skills and muscular body.
Using skills with the order of "Jo-Ha-Kyu" (1st Stage, 2nd Stage, 3rd Stage) will release a strong force.
Also, after using "Five Gates" skill 5 times, if you use the skill "Finishing Touch Pose" with either "Dual Mark" or "Supreme Mark", you can increase your fighting abilites.


How to Change Jobs to Kaiser
◆Job Quest Requirements
・Clear "About Rank 3 Jobs"
・Pass the Pre-Test for Kaiser
・Highfighter Lv 70 or above
You must have Akashic Weapon "Vajra" or "Vajra Ω

◆Where to Change Jobs
Accept the job quest for "Kaiser" from Kaho at the Tavern in the State of Abul. After clearing it you can change your job.

Introducing Kaiser skills!
◆Spirit Stream
Changes ATK to MATK + PM magic DMG on all enemies.2nd Stage[1st tage][Fight Only][Fighter Only]


◆Supreme Fists
Phys. DMG on one enemy. 3rd Stage adds Supreme Mark [2nd Stage][Fight Only][Fighter Only]


◆Finishing Touch Pose
Increased ATK. Effect changes based on used Marks[Gatex5 Dual][Gatex5 Supreme][Fight][Fighter]