Green Core Selection Lotto


Get 1 Green High Core! Chance to get max 3 Lv 4 Green High Cores with 1 draw!
Don’t miss this chance!

Learn how to use Slots and Drills and get stronger!

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2020/10/16 (Fri) 15:00
End: 2020/10/23 (Fri) 14:59

7 DrawGems(Paid):2000
Get 1 Green High Core!
Available 2 per person

Core Ability【Core Ability(Lv)】
Normal Type:Ability×Lv
Ex①)ATK Up High CoreLv2 Ability=ATK+300×2(LV2)=ATK+600
Ex②)ATK Up High CoreLv3 Ability=ATK+300×3(LV3)=ATK+900

ATK Up High CoreATK+300Normal Type
MATK Up High CoreMATK+300Normal Type
DEF Up High CoreDEF+60Normal Type
MDEF Up High CoreMDEF+60Normal Type
HP Up High CoreHP+200Normal Type
DL Up High CoreDamage Upper Lim+1500Normal Type
Fire Attack High CoreFire ATK+20Normal Type
Water Attack High CoreWater ATK+20Normal Type
Earth Attack High CoreSoil ATK+20Normal Type
Wind Attack High CoreWind ATK+20Normal Type
Fire Def High CoreFire防+20Normal Type
Water Def High CoreWater防+20Normal Type
Earth Def High CoreSoil防+20Normal Type
Wind Def High CoreWind防+20Normal Type
ATK Up Core:RATK+100Normal Type
MATK Up Core:RMATK+100Normal Type
DEF Up Core:BDEF+30Normal Type
MDEF Up Core:BMDEF+30Normal Type
HP Up Core:YHP+100Normal Type
DL Up Core:YDamage Upper Lim+500Normal Type
Fire Attack CoreFire ATK+10Normal Type
Water Attack CoreWater ATK+10Normal Type
Earth Attack CoreSoil ATK+10Normal Type
Wind Attack CoreWind ATK+10Normal Type
Fire Defense CoreFire防+10Normal Type
Water Defense CoreWater防+10Normal Type
Earth Defense CoreSoil防+10Normal Type
Wind Defense CoreWind防+10Normal Type

Item List
Rarity:SR ★★★(Offering Rate:40%)
Rarity:R ★★(Offering Rate:60%)
Rarity:SR ★★★(Tap Here!)
Fire Attack High CoreLv430.004%
Water Attack High CoreLv430.004%
Earth Attack High CoreLv430.004%
Wind Attack High CoreLv430.004%
Fire Def High CoreLv430.004%
Water Def High CoreLv430.004%
Earth Def High CoreLv430.004%
Wind Def High CoreLv430.004%
Fire Attack High CoreLv330.067%
Water Attack High CoreLv330.067%
Earth Attack High CoreLv330.067%
Wind Attack High CoreLv330.067%
Fire Def High CoreLv330.067%
Water Def High CoreLv330.067%
Earth Def High CoreLv330.067%
Wind Def High CoreLv330.067%
Fire Attack High CoreLv230.333%
Water Attack High CoreLv230.333%
Earth Attack High CoreLv230.333%
Wind Attack High CoreLv230.333%
Fire Def High CoreLv230.333%
Water Def High CoreLv230.333%
Earth Def High CoreLv230.333%
Wind Def High CoreLv230.333%
Fire Attack High CoreLv130.951%
Water Attack High CoreLv130.951%
Earth Attack High CoreLv130.951%
Wind Attack High CoreLv130.951%
Fire Def High CoreLv130.951%
Water Def High CoreLv130.951%
Earth Def High CoreLv130.951%
Wind Def High CoreLv130.951%
Fire Attack High CoreLv410.013%
Water Attack High CoreLv410.013%
Earth Attack High CoreLv410.013%
Wind Attack High CoreLv410.013%
Fire Def High CoreLv410.013%
Water Def High CoreLv410.013%
Earth Def High CoreLv410.013%
Wind Def High CoreLv410.013%
Fire Attack High CoreLv310.200%
Water Attack High CoreLv310.200%
Earth Attack High CoreLv310.200%
Wind Attack High CoreLv310.200%
Fire Def High CoreLv310.200%
Water Def High CoreLv310.200%
Earth Def High CoreLv310.200%
Wind Def High CoreLv310.200%
Fire Attack High CoreLv211.000%
Water Attack High CoreLv211.000%
Earth Attack High CoreLv211.000%
Wind Attack High CoreLv211.000%
Fire Def High CoreLv211.000%
Water Def High CoreLv211.000%
Earth Def High CoreLv211.000%
Wind Def High CoreLv211.000%
Fire Attack High CoreLv112.854%
Water Attack High CoreLv112.854%
Earth Attack High CoreLv112.854%
Wind Attack High CoreLv112.854%
Fire Def High CoreLv112.854%
Water Def High CoreLv112.854%
Earth Def High CoreLv112.854%
Wind Def High CoreLv112.854%

Rarity:R  ★★(Tap Here!)
Fire Attack CoreLv1030.008%
Water Attack CoreLv1030.008%
Earth Attack CoreLv1030.008%
Wind Attack CoreLv1030.008%
Fire Defense CoreLv1030.008%
Water Defense CoreLv1030.008%
Earth Defense CoreLv1030.008%
Wind Defense CoreLv1030.008%
Fire Attack CoreLv830.083%
Water Attack CoreLv830.083%
Earth Attack CoreLv830.083%
Wind Attack CoreLv830.083%
Fire Defense CoreLv830.083%
Water Defense CoreLv830.083%
Earth Defense CoreLv830.083%
Wind Defense CoreLv830.083%
Fire Attack CoreLv530.417%
Water Attack CoreLv530.417%
Earth Attack CoreLv530.417%
Wind Attack CoreLv530.417%
Fire Defense CoreLv530.417%
Water Defense CoreLv530.417%
Earth Defense CoreLv530.417%
Wind Defense CoreLv530.417%
Fire Attack CoreLv331.261%
Water Attack CoreLv331.261%
Earth Attack CoreLv331.261%
Wind Attack CoreLv331.261%
Fire Defense CoreLv331.261%
Water Defense CoreLv331.261%
Earth Defense CoreLv331.261%
Wind Defense CoreLv331.261%
Fire Attack CoreLv1010.025%
Water Attack CoreLv1010.025%
Earth Attack CoreLv1010.025%
Wind Attack CoreLv1010.025%
Fire Defense CoreLv1010.025%
Water Defense CoreLv1010.025%
Earth Defense CoreLv1010.025%
Wind Defense CoreLv1010.025%
Fire Attack CoreLv810.250%
Water Attack CoreLv810.250%
Earth Attack CoreLv810.250%
Wind Attack CoreLv810.250%
Fire Defense CoreLv810.250%
Water Defense CoreLv810.250%
Earth Defense CoreLv810.250%
Wind Defense CoreLv810.250%
Fire Attack CoreLv511.250%
Water Attack CoreLv511.250%
Earth Attack CoreLv511.250%
Wind Attack CoreLv511.250%
Fire Defense CoreLv511.250%
Water Defense CoreLv511.250%
Earth Defense CoreLv511.250%
Wind Defense CoreLv511.250%
Fire Attack CoreLv313.784%
Water Attack CoreLv313.784%
Earth Attack CoreLv313.784%
Wind Attack CoreLv313.784%
Fire Defense CoreLv313.784%
Water Defense CoreLv313.784%
Earth Defense CoreLv313.784%
Wind Defense CoreLv313.784%

*Items won from the Lotto can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.