Event Preview! [Lil Rabber in Wonderland ~Part 2~]


The explorers are summoned by Chocola (Lil Rabber), who has just finshed making a candy house.

But when you arrived, you noticed Chocola (Lil Rabber) was being surronded by Card Rabbers!

Steve (from the other world) insists that you must defeat the King.
You visited the King with Chocola (Lil Rabber) but...

Can the explorers defeat the evil king and protect the peace of Lil Rabber Wonderland?!

Find out more in the sequel starting after our maintenance on February 24, 2021!
※Check here for more details about how to play "Lil Rabber in Wonderland~Part 1~"!

Here are some rewards!


※There may be changes in even session without notice.