March 18 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our March 18th update!

Added new 2nd tier jobs
Added some special weapon series to Awakening gear

We've added 2nd tier job "Wizard"!
This time we have added a 2nd tier job "Wizard" for the 1st tier job "Pyromancer".


About the "Wizard"
Wizard. Leader of elemental research, aiming to go beyond the 4 elements

Players must reach Lv 40 in the 1st tier job "Pyromancer" to qualify to become an "Wizard".You have cleared main quest Ch.71
*The quest added this time will not be functioned this time.
Scheduled to add voices to be played in the later update.

Introducing Wizard skills!
◆Idea Fire
Fire ATK, DMG limit UP according to your Flame Mark amount. [Staff Only][Pyromancer Only]


Fire magic damage on all enemies Adds Flame Mark when using Idea Fire[Staff Only][Pyromancer Only]


◆Ain Soph Aur
PM magic DMG on one enemy. Eff. UP by Fire Mark. [Flame Mark][Staff Only][Pyromancer Only]


How to Change Jobs to Wizard
◆Job Change Requirements
You must fulfill the following requirements to change jobs to Wizard.
・Pyromancer Lv40 or higher
・Clear Chapter 71 of the main scenario

◆Where to Change Jobs
Accept and complete the "Wizard" job quest from NPC Kaho in the Abul State Tavern to get permission to change.

Added some special effect weapon series to Awakening gear
We have added the following gear to Awakening gear.
・Compression Mechanism
・Marche de Solder


Find more Awakening Weapons details here!

Awakened effect
・Damage Limit +4500
・"ATK/MATK+200%" "Damage Limit +50,000" for target enemies
・Adding effects to Gear

・Added Awakening materials to items available in Dowsing
┗Available areas: Mountains, seas and beaches and Fruiting Peninsula.
┗The higher level your Mount has, the better chances you have to get Awakening materials.