[3/18 18:00 Update] Notice for maintenance [End]


[3/18 18:00 (JST)Update]
The maintenance we have started on 14:00, was completed on 18:00.

Corresponding Details
・We have postponed the implementation of the One Time Party feature changes due to some bugs we confirmed.
 ┗※Due to the postponement of the One Time Party implementation, the item "Gleaming Crystal [Small]" is currently unavailable and only displayed in Liz's Mystical Shop.
・Job Story Updates
*The quest added this time will not be functioned this time.
Scheduled to add voices to be played in the later update.

・Changing the names of Item below
ShotisEmotionEmotion: Getting Shot
ShootEmotionEmotion: Shoot
CheersEmotionEmotion: Cheers
CorrectEmotionEmotion: Correct
IncorrectEmotionEmotion: Wrong
ProposalEmotionEmotion: Proposal
SilvercobblestoneSilver Gemstone
MichelangeloSwordMichael Sword
LargeMichelangeloBladeMichael Blade
LargeGabrielBladeGabriel Blade
LargeUrielBladeUriel Blade
LargeRaphaelBladeRaphael Blade
MichelangeloHammerMichael Hammer
MichelangeloBreakerMichael Breaker
MichelangeloSpearMichael Spear
MichelangeloDaggerMichael Dagger
MichelangeloRodMichael Rod
MichelangeloFistsMichael Fists
MichelangeloShieldMichael Shield
WarCreamyOuluBowWarming Owl Bow
MistyOuluBowMisty Owl Bow
ShadowIOuluBowShadowI Owl Bow
FairRyiOuluBowFairy Owl Bow
BowNoriyukifireKymeneFire Demon Bow
WaterKymeneNoriyukibowWater Demon Bow
BowNoriyukigoldKymeneGold Demon Bow
BowNoriyukiwindKymeneWind Demon Bow
SuiteRabbitBowSweet Rabbit Bow

・Changing the names of Quest below
Control a fire!Control the flames!

・Changing the names of NPC below
Mamono ResercherMamono Scholar

This is Alchemia Story Operation Team.

We will be implementing maintenace with details below.

Scheduled date (JST)
2020/3/18 (Wed) 14:00 - 18:00

Corresponding Details
・Shop Updates
[End of Sale]
 ┗White Day (Avatar) Lotto
 ┗White Day (Weapon) Lotto
 ┗Expansion items are now on time-sale!

・Added new 2nd tier job
・Added some special weapon series to Awakening gear
・Added Awakening materials to items available in Dowsing
 ┗Available areas: Mountains, seas and beaches and Fruiting Peninsula.
 ┗The higher level your Mount has, the better chances you have to get Awakening materials.

・Fixed the One Time Party feature
 ┗Added 8 types of "Roulettes" by category
 ┗Changed to display the confirmation screen one minute after applying to participate

・Changed Daily Quests (Sat, Sun)
 ┗[Delete]: A deepening friendship Give a gift once
" ┗[Added]: Get together with your partner! Let's apply once at a
One-Time Party!"
・The following skills will be changed to adjust the game balance
Skill List(Tap Here)
Job nameSkill name
MageDazzling Vortex
MageRoad to Silence
MageWaves of Sleeping Sea
MageBinding Spell
MageSaturated Grief
MageLamenting Sword

Recoveries from malfunction
・Fixed bugs in the NPCPC equipment position changing feature.
・Other small adjustments and fixings

We apologize for the incovenience caused, and appreciate for your cooperation.

*There may be times that items and EXP gained right after the maintenance hours.
*So please log-out before the maintenace starts.