The collab event, "Making My Sweet Home" is here!!


The collab event, "Making My Sweet Home" is here!!

During the collaboration period, "IT'S MY LIFE" characters Astra and Noah will be visiting the world of Alchemia Story!

During the event period, you can move to the event map "[Collab] IT'S MY LIFE: Reception" by accepting the quest "Making My Sweet Home" from the event tab. However, you must have cleared main scenario "Chapter 14: The Two Maids" to participate.

Once you complete the collab event, you can get the event item "Astra's House Layout". Also, by using the quest item Special Tix, you can exchange for limited event items.
Additionally, you have a chance to get collab avatars of Gor Gor and Yaboyoh from rare revent monsters!
We've lined up some limited avatars that you can only get here, so don't miss out on this oppurtunity!

Also, we're having the following bonuses to celebrate this comeback!

★Collab Bonus★
・Get +100 EXP when beating Mamono in Beginner and Intermediate level collab event maps!
・+300% increase for "Special Tix" that drops when defeating the event Mamono
・11 types of "IT'S MY LIFE" cover design posters (furniture)!!
・2 titles added to the event achievements!

(There is no event special effect on collaboration items this time.)

Dates (JST)
Start: 2020/3/11 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2020/3/25 (Wed) before maintenance.
*Please note that you will not be able to trade quest item "Special Tix" to event item, once the collab event has ended.

How to Participate


1.Open "Navi" on the left of display.
2. Tap "Accept" for "Making My Home Sweet Home" from the "Events" tab,
3. Tap "Move" and move to event map [Collab] IT'S MY LIFE: Reception.
 ※You will be able to participate in the event after you have cleared Chapter 14: The Two Maids.


Monsters in Special Tix Collection Halls:Elementary to Advanced+ levels will drop "Special Tix."
Bring Special Tix to NPC Merchants, Chocolat, Cowl, and Itena to trade to furnitures and items.

Exchanging with Chocolat

Exchanging with Chocolat
Trade itemsNumber of times to trade
Rocking Chair×11
Executive Desk×11
Cushion: Blue×11

Exchanging with Itena

Exchanging with Itena
Trade itemsNumber of times to trade
Noah’s T-shirt×1Infinite
Astra’s T-shirt×1Infinite
Gor Gor’s T-shirt×1Infinite
Former Captain and Witch T-shirt×1Infinite
IT’S MY T-shirt×1Infinite
Make-UpCatalog: Noah×11
HC: Noah×11
Layout: IT'S MY LIFE: S×11
Housing Medal×10010
Stuffed Gor gor×11
Gor Gor's Figurine×11

Cowl’s Box Lotto【NEW!!】

Box Lotto Line-Up
Item NameTypes
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 01furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 02furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 03furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 04furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 05furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 06furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 07furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 08furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 09furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 10furniture
【NEW!!】 Poster: IT’S MY LIFE 01'S MY LIFE 11furniture
【NEW!!】 Striped White Sand BlockBuild Item
【NEW!!】 Ripple Mark Block ABuild Item
【NEW!!】 Ripple Mark Block BBuild Item
【NEW!!】 Striped White Sand Floor:MBuild Item
【NEW!!】 Ripple Mark Floor: M ABuild Item
【NEW!!】 Ripple Mark Floor: M BBuild Item
【NEW!!】 Ripple Mark Floor: M CBuild Item
【NEW!!】 Bonsai: Pinefurniture
【NEW!!】 Lawn Mat: Gourdfurniture
【NEW!!】 Lawn Mat: Circlefurniture
【NEW!!】 Rock: Smallfurniture
【NEW!!】 Rock: Mediumfurniture
【NEW!!】 Rock: Largefurniture
【NEW!!】 Bamboo Fencefurniture
Wood BlockBuild Item
Soil BlockBuild Item
Grass BlockBuild Item
Stone BlockBuild Item
Masonry BlockBuild Item
Bricks BlockBuild Item
Stained glass blockBuild Item
Color block(white)Build Item
Color block(ash)Build Item
Color block(black)Build Item
Color block(red)Build Item
Color blocks(blue)Build Item
Color block(green)Build Item
Color blocks(yellow)Build Item
Color block(orange)Build Item
Color block(purple)Build Item
Color block(peach)Build Item
Color block(brown)Build Item
Wood StairsBuild Item
Soil StairsBuild Item
Green Grass StairsBuild Item
Stone StairsBuild Item
Masonry StairsBuild Item
Stone SlopeBuild Item
Brick Rooftop PlateBuild Item
Diagonalroof of the brickBuild Item
Diagonalroof-convexbrickBuild Item
Diagonalroof-concavebrickBuild Item
Stone ChimneyBuild Item
Color Block (LB)Build Item
Pass Block (LB)Build Item
Masonry Block Wall (M)Build Item
Masonry Block Wall (L)Build Item
Brick-built Roof (M)Build Item
Brick-built Roof (L)Build Item
Wooden Drawerfurniture
Tree bookshelffurniture
Dining Tablefurniture
Wood chairsfurniture
Stone Stovefurniture
Mountain of tablewarefurniture
Wooden Handrailfurniture
Wooden Handrail (R )furniture
Executive Deskfurniture
Cushion: Bluefurniture
Apple Piefurniture
Golden Apple [furniture]furniture
Apple Tree (S)furniture
Wooden Handrail (Corner)furniture
Circular Rugfurniture
Round Stoolfurniture
Cabinet (Hinged Door)furniture
Clothes Linefurniture
Stacked Logsfurniture
3-person Sofa (Leather)furniture
Low Table (Corner)furniture
Low Table (Circle)furniture
Rocking Chairfurniture

*If you trade all of Box Lottos, you will get collab furniture "Tapestry" as a reward for completion.


In the event map, there will be rare MOBs! You can get many collection items as you defeat, and rarely you can get event-limited Gor gor or Yaboyoh avatars!



At Itena's Trade Shop, you will get "Layout: IT'S MY LIFE: S" to replicate Astra's home. (*You will need other housing materials to build)


If you achieve Astra and Noah's requests, you will get Former Captain and Witch T-shirt as reward for completion, and Layout: IT'S MY LIFE: M to replicate Astra's home. (*You will need other housing materials to build)


Get the Layout to replicate Astra's home!(*You will need other housing materials to build)

About Accepting Event Rewards

You will not be able to get rewards if the bag is full when clearing the story.

Please receive your reward by making space in the bag and talking again to Astra.
*You can use storage when you talk to Itena. Store the items in storage when your bag is full.
*It may be possible that the same scene would play repeatedly when moving maps until talking to NPC there is space in bag and receiving rewards.

We're holding a Housing Screenshot Contest to celebrate this collab!

The grand prize includes a full avatar set and other great prizes!
Housing Screenshot Contest

※There may be changes in even session without notice.
※There will be no Voices.

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