How to play Slot?
Select a Slot Machine in the Casino map to start playing.



Game Progress
①Tap the screen to bet Medals and the game will automatically start.
Tap the screen to bet your Medals.
The number of Medals you can bet depends on the Slot Machines and the amount cannot be changed.

②Tap the screen to stop the spinning reels
The reels stop one by one from the left each time you tap the screen,
When all reels stop, you can get the payout Medals according to the symbols on the screen.

[Switch] Button
Switch the Slot Machine information displayed on the interface.
[Help] Button
You can see information about the Slot Machine specifications and reel arrangement.

Slot Settings
Each of the 4 Slot Machines have different chances of winning
The winning rates are changed during the Slot maintenance.

Slot maintenance
The Slots are unavailable at 15:45-16:00 (JST) due to changing the machine settings.
※Medals may not be obtained correctly during the maintenance time.
Please note that we cannot compensate any possible losses made during the maintenance time.

Slot Glossary
Difference betweent the total number of Medals used and won.
Number of Medals won in one game
Number of Medals used
Number of Medals won
Number of plays (excluding Bonus times)
Number of plays it takes to get a Bonus
Number of Big Bonuses you got
Number of regular Bonuses you got
Chance to get many Medals

※The Slot status will not be saved if you leave the Slot after throwing the Medals.
※The Slot status will not be saved if an error/disconnection occurs after throwing the Medals.