2nd Anniversary Reasonable Total Payment Campaign now in session!


We will be giving away special gift according to the total of Gems purchased during the 2nd Anniversary campaign!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2019/11/15 (Fri) 15:00
End: 2019/11/21 (Thu) 23:59

Achievement Details
Purchased Gem CountAchievements
120Mix Style Lotto Ticket
720Lil Rabber Doll
2000Drill Box
3500NPC Lotto Ticket BOX
Master Drill Box
NPC Avater BoxF
10000Master Drill Box
15000D Burst Box
20000Burst Box
30000Burst Box
D Burst Box

*You can get one of "Limit Breakthrough" weapons from "Burst Box."
*You can get one of "Limit Breakthrough" armors from "D Burst Box."
*You can get one of NPC Lotto Tix from "NPC Lotto Tix BOX."

NPC Lotto Ticket BOX
Courageandprettyadventurertix Please refer here for details
Cookandwaitresstickets -Please refer here for details-
EffortsButlerticketsandselfishprincess -Please refer here for details-
Master&ServantTix -Please refer here for details-
Heavenly Miko Priestess -Please refer here for details-
Tropic Merchant Tix -Please refer here for details-
Professional Avatar Tix -Please refer here for details-

NPC Avater BoxF Lineup
"NPC Avater BoxF" always includes one part of the following NPC Avatars.
Maou-chanRoyal Maika Hood
Queen Maika Hood
Empress Maika Hood
Princess Maika Hood
Royal Maika Dress
Queen Maika Dress
Empress Maika Dress
Princess Maika Dress
FendarkMessanger Brigandine
Mercenary Brigandine
Soldier Brigandine
Assasin Brigandine
SuminaBlacksmith Apron K
Blacksmith Apron G
Blacksmith Apron R
Blacksmith Apron B
PockEngineer Apron K
Engineer Apron G
Engineer Apron R
Engineer Apron B
ItenaPedlar Tunic M
Pedlar Tunic A
Pedlar Tunic R
Pedlar Tunic T
RichardMagnate Hat Dandy
Magnate Hat Rose
Magnate Hat Lofty
Magnate Hat Chic
Magnate Coat Dandy
Magnate Coat Rose
Magnate Coat Lofty
Magnate Coat Chic
BrideDuchy Infantry Uniform
Duchy Navy Uniform
Duchy MP Uniform
Duchy Cavalry Uniform
AndolState Infantry Uniform
State Navy Uniform
State MP Uniform
State Cavalry Uniform
Nagi(※Excluding Ribbon)Long Apron Dress M
Long Apron Dress A
Long Apron Dress I
Long Apron Dress D
Long Apron Skirt M
Long Apron Skirt A
Long Apron Skirt I
Long Apron Skirt D
MinaRibbon Hair Band M
Ribbon Hair Band A
Ribbon Hair Band I
Ribbon Hair Band D
Apron Dress M
Apron Dress A
Apron Dress I
Apron Dress D
Apron Skirt M
Apron Skirt A
Apron Skirt I
Apron Skirt D

*The number of Gems purchased will be counted during the campaign.
*The number of Gems that was added for extra will not be counted.
Ex. When you purchase 9800+2700 Gems, only 9800 Gems will be counted,
and added 2700 Gems will not be counted.
*Gems included in "Mamono-chan's Miracle Pack"will not be included.
*As you reach to the prescribed number,
it will automatically be added in the Gift Box.
*Only applies to 1 time per 1 account during the campaign.