Train with Legendary Items! "Legendary Lucky Bag Lotto" Starts!


Get special items for gear enhancement from the new "Legendary Lucky Bag Lotto"!
Learn how to use Slots and Drills and get stronger!

About "Legendary Lucky Bag Lotto"
"Legendary Lucky Bag Lotto" is a set of six Steps!
Play Step 1 and you can play Steps 2-6 for free.
Don’t forget to play until the final Step 6

Step 1Masterslotdrill ×1:(1x)
"Legendary Lucky Bag Lotto" is a set of six Steps!
Step 2EnhanceSword ×10~30:(2x)
Step 3Blue Slot Lv6 ×1~3:(2x)
Step 4Red Slot Lv6 ×1~3:(2x)
Step 5Yellow Slot Lv6 ×1~3:(2x)
Step 6Green Slot Lv6 ×1~3:(2x)
+ lotto stamp ×1
*This Lotto ends after you draw Step 6.

About Lotto Stamps
You can get 1 lotto stamp as you purchase Step 6.
You can also trade those collected lotto stamps at "Liz’s Mystical Shop" and choose your favorite UR equipments.
*Items that can be traded will continuously updated.

Sales Period (JST)
Start: 2020/11/25 (Wed) 18:00
End: 2020/12/2 (Wed) 13:59

Item Details
Tap Here
Masterslotdrill:RCore slot: to open the red Success probability 100%
Masterslotdrill:BCore slot: to open the blue Success probability 100%
Masterslotdrill:YCore slot: to open the yellow Success probability 100%
Masterslotdrill:GSlot: Opens Green Success Rate 100%
EnhancedSword-R5Sword made by the divine master.
FireEnhanceSword-R5Sword made by the divine master.
WaterEnhanceSword-R5Sword made by the divine master.
EarthEnhanceSword-R5Sword made by the divine master.
WindEnhanceSword-R5Sword made by the divine master.
ATKUpcore:RCore physical attack power is increased. Core slot: red
MATKUpcore:RCore magic attack power is increased. Core slot: red
DEFUpcore:BCore physical defense force is increased. Core slot: Blue
MDEFUpcore:BCore magic defense force is increased. Core slot: Blue
HPUpcore:YCore HP rises Core slot: Yellow
DLUpcore:YDamage upper limit Core to rise.Core slot: Yellow
Fire Attack CoreCore that raises fire attack. Core Slot: Green
Water Attack CoreCore that raises water attack. Core Slot: Green
Earth Attack CoreCore that raises earth attack. Core Slot: Green
Wind Attack CoreCore that raises wind attack. Core Slot: Green
Fire Defense CoreCore that raises fire defense. Core Slot: Green
Water Defense CoreCore that raises water defense. Core Slot: Green
Earth Defense CoreCore that raises earth defense. Core Slot: Green
Wind Defense CoreCore that raises wind defense. Core Slot: Green

Item List
Tap Here

Step 1:Masterslotdrill

Step 2:EnhanceSword

Step 3:Blue Slot Lv6
DEFUpcore:B Lv6×32.778%
MDEFUpcore:B Lv6×32.778%
DEFUpcore:B Lv6×213.889%
MDEFUpcore:B Lv6×213.889%
DEFUpcore:B Lv6×133.333%
MDEFUpcore:B Lv6×133.333%

Step 4:Red Slot Lv6
ATKUpcore:R Lv6×32.778%
MATKUpcore:R Lv6×32.778%
ATKUpcore:R Lv6×213.889%
MATKUpcore:R Lv6×213.889%
ATKUpcore:R Lv6×133.333%
MATKUpcore:R Lv6×133.333%

Step 5:Yellow Slot Lv6
HPUpcore:Y Lv6×32.778%
DLUpcore:Y Lv6×32.778%
HPUpcore:Y Lv6×213.889%
DLUpcore:Y Lv6×213.889%
HPUpcore:Y Lv6×133.333%
DLUpcore:Y Lv6×133.333%

Step 6:Green Slot Lv6
Fire Attack Core Lv6×30.694%
Water Attack Core Lv6×30.694%
Earth Attack Core Lv6×30.694%
Wind Attack Core Lv6×30.694%
Fire Defense Core Lv6×30.694%
Water Defense Core Lv6×30.694%
Earth Defense Core Lv6×30.694%
Wind Defense Core Lv6×30.694%
Fire Attack Core Lv6×23.472%
Water Attack Core Lv6×23.472%
Earth Attack Core Lv6×23.472%
Wind Attack Core Lv6×23.472%
Fire Defense Core Lv6×23.472%
Water Defense Core Lv6×23.472%
Earth Defense Core Lv6×23.472%
Wind Defense Core Lv6×23.472%
Fire Attack Core Lv6×18.333%
Water Attack Core Lv6×18.333%
Earth Attack Core Lv6×18.333%
Wind Attack Core Lv6×18.333%
Fire Defense Core Lv6×18.333%
Water Defense Core Lv6×18.333%
Earth Defense Core Lv6×18.333%
Wind Defense Core Lv6×18.333%

*Items won from the Lotto can be received from the Present Box.
*You may win the same item multiple times.
*Due to fractionalized processing, the total probability of receiving each item may not be 100%.
*The sales period is subject to change without notice.
*We may re-sell the limited items after the campaign period has ended.
*The images are for illustrative purposes only and may look slightly different due to the equipment combination and our system.