[10/31 18:30 Update] October 23 update details!


・Story Updates
・Implementation of higher rank cores "High Core"
・Added trade items for Time Skip Coins(Dawn) and Time Skip Coins(Birth)

Added new Main Quests
With the advice from Foreteller, what's the the next destination for the heroes who were forgiven by the Fire Spirit?
New Main Quests unfold a story of Earth Spirit and his legendary sword!
A surprising character turned out to hold the key to find this legendary sword!?


*The quest added this time will not be functioned this time.
Scheduled to add voices to be played in the later update.
Event scenes will be added in to the album when quest is cleared. After the voices are added and checked the album, you will be able to see it with the voice.

Implementation of "High Cores"
The High Cores are several times more powerful than normal Cores. There are levels from 1 to 10.

How to create High Cores
Like Cores, High Cores can also increase LV when consuming 2 Cores with the same level.
The success rate for High Cores is the same as the rate for Cores at the same level.

※In the case you fail the formation, you will get back 1 of the High Cores you used and the probability to success will gradually increase. (It can increase up to 100% per Core)
Ex 1)In the case you fail to level up DL Up High Core from LV3 to LV4, the success rate for DL Up High Core LV3 to level up to LV4 will increase.
Ex 2) In the case you fail to level up Fire Def High Core from LV6 to LV7, the success rate for Fire Def High Core LV6 to level up to LV7 will increase.

Core Activation (Core ⇒ High Core)
You can activate "LV4 High Core" by giving
"LV10 Core x1" and "Inert Core Stone x1" at NPC Sumina's Exchange in front of Enhancement Center.

You are able to find "Inert Core Stones" by Dowsing (the rate increases according to the rank (number of ☆) of the Mount you are riding.)

See more details here!

Core Ability[10/31 18:30 Update]
【Core Ability(Lv)】
Normal Type:Ability×Lv
Ex①)ATK Up High CoreLv2 Ability=ATK+300×2(LV2)=ATK+600
Ex②)ATK Up High CoreLv3 Ability=ATK+300×3(LV3)=ATK+900

Core Ability List(Tap Here)
ATK Up High CoreATK+300Normal Type
MATK Up High CoreMATK+300Normal Type
DEF Up High CoreDEF+60Normal Type
MDEF Up High CoreMDEF+60Normal Type
HP Up High CoreHP+200Normal Type
DL Up High CoreDamage Upper Lim+1500Normal Type
Fire Attack High CoreFire ATK+20Normal Type
Water Attack High CoreWater ATK+20Normal Type
Earth Attack High CoreSoil ATK+20Normal Type
Wind Attack High CoreWind ATK+20Normal Type
Fire Def High CoreFire防+20Normal Type
Water Def High CoreWater防+20Normal Type
Earth Def High CoreSoil防+20Normal Type
Wind Def High CoreWind防+20Normal Type
ATK Up Core:RATK+100Normal Type
MATK Up Core:RMATK+100Normal Type
DEF Up Core:BDEF+30Normal Type
MDEF Up Core:BMDEF+30Normal Type
HP Up Core:YHP+100Normal Type
DL Up Core:YDamage Upper Lim+500Normal Type
Fire Attack CoreFire ATK+10Normal Type
Water Attack CoreWater ATK+10Normal Type
Earth Attack CoreSoil ATK+10Normal Type
Wind Attack CoreWind ATK+10Normal Type
Fire Defense CoreFire防+10Normal Type
Water Defense CoreWater防+10Normal Type
Earth Defense CoreSoil防+10Normal Type
Wind Defense CoreWind防+10Normal Type

Get from Lotto
You can get a "High Core" from Shop Lottos, such as "New Grande Lotto".


※This annpuncement was posted on October 23, 2019. Depending on the time you see this, the Lotto may have already finished.

Added Rewards in Tower of Time
・Added trade items for Time Skip Coins(Dawn) and Time Skip Coins(Birth)
 ┗Time Skip Coins(Dawn)×250:Lv7Corebox
 ┗Time Skip Coins(Birth)×850:Lv8Corebox