New Limited Event "Evil Hallow-chan’s Ambition~Revenge~" Starts!


New Limited Event "Evil Hallow-chan’s Ambition~Revenge~" Starts!

The Dark Queen of Dangerous Pumpkin Seadia has appeared once again in front of the Explorers
──Known as "Evil Hallow-chan".
She seems to be angry at the Explorers.

The Halloween Venue is noisy due to the arrival of Evil Hallow-chan, who has powered up (maybe).
Can the Explorers bring back a peaceful Halloween!?

Clear the event and get wonderful items!

Dates (JST)
Start: 2019/10/30 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/11/13 (Wed) before maintenance.

When you head to the event map "Evil Hallow-chan HQ: Reception" after having cleared "Evil Hallow-chan’s Ambition~Birth~", then new event scenario will start.
Evil Hallow-chan’s Ambition~Birth~ here

1.Open "Navi" on the left of display.
2. Accept "Evil Hallow-chan’s Ambition" from Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to move to "event map Evil Hallow-chan HQ: Reception".
*Please use the "Navi" to move to map when you are going to event map again after progressing quest.



Added Area Boss level "Adv+"!
Let’s get ready to challenge!
※You need "Pumpkin for Summoning x1" to challenge Evil Hallow-chan.
※You can challange Evil Hallow-chan by talking to her at "Evil Hallow-chan HQ: Reception"
※You are able to select the difficulty level Beg-Adv+.


We have also added "Achievement Rewards" for defeating Area Boss for the first time on each level!

Rewards for each level
Area Boss levelsRewards
ElementaryTwisted Soul×500
IntermediateRemaining Heart×1
AdvancedMaster Drill Box×1
Advanced+Burst Box×1

※You can receive the rewards from Navi > Achievements.

[New Achievement Rewards!]Pock Trade items
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Hidden Heart×5Pumpkin for Summoning×1Infinite
DQODPS Soul×20Core Box×110
DQODPS Soul×100Lv3Corebox×15
DQODPS Soul×50Drill Box×15
DQODPS Soul×100Tincture×15
DQODPS Soul×20Ghost Face [Normal]×1Infinite
DQODPS Soul×50Ghost Face [Laughing]×1Infinite
DQODPS Soul×50
Remaining Heart×1
Ghost Cape×1Infinite
DQODPS Soul×15Fire Enhance Sword-R5×5Infinite
DQODPS Soul×15Water Enhance Sword-R5×5Infinite
DQODPS Soul×15Earth Enhance Sword-R5×5Infinite
DQODPS Soul×15Wind Enhance Sword-R5×5Infinite
DQODPS Soul×10Cat statue: Halloween×3Infinite
DQODPS Soul×10Tombstone×3Infinite
DQODPS Soul×10Coffin Bed×3Infinite
DQODPS Soul×10Ghost Statue×3Infinite
DQODPS Soul×10Jack-O’-Lantern: Tower×5Infinite
※Find the items to trade with Pock in "Evil Hallow-chan’s Ambition~Birth~"here

event Item


※There may be changes in even session without notice.