New job added! September 18 update details!


We're announcing the contents of our September 18th update!

・Added new 2nd tier jobs

We've added 2nd tier job "Moonlight Fencer"!
This time we have added a 2nd tier job "Moonlight Fencer" for the 1st tier job "Magic Swordsman".

About the "Moonlight Fencer"
A master of the sword uniting art and swords.Their unique blade can be compared to silvery moonlight(Weapon type:1-handed Sword)
Players must reach Lv 40 in the 1st tier job "Magic Swordsman" to qualify to become an "Moonlight Fencer".You have cleared main quest Ch.67

Introducing Moonlight Fencer skills!
◆Trust Sword
Adds your MATK for specific skill used during eff.& adds Moonlight Mark [1-H Sword][Magic Swordsman]


◆Moonlght Slash
Change ATK to MATK, Spirit Magic DMG to 1 enemy. [Moonlight Mark] [1H Sword][Magic Swordsman only]


◆Ether Blast
Spiritual flow. Spirit Magic DMG to all enemies [Moonlight Mark] [Magic Swordsman only]


How to Change Jobs to Moonlight Fencer
◆Job Change Requirements
You must fulfill the following requirements to change jobs to Moonlight Fencer.
・Magic Swordsman Lv40 or higher
・You have cleared main quest Ch.67

◆Where to Change Jobs
Accept and complete the "Moonlight Fencer" job quest from NPC Kaho in the Abul State Tavern to get permission to change.