About Changing Jobs


How to change jobs

1. Talk to NPC Kaho at the Tavern in State of Abul to accept a job quest.
2. By clearing the job quest you will be able to change your job.
3. Talk to NPC Kaho again and change you job!
※You will be able to change jobs anywhere by subscribing to "Posh Adventure Set".


What's good in changing jobs?

・Effects that you can get from chains change in each job.
・Parameter changes in each job.
・You can learn various characteristic skills by leveling up jobs.

Passive Skills

There are two types of passive skills that you can learn by leveling up: "Job" and "Common".
Passive skills only for certain jobs will have no effect on other jobs.
Once you learn common passive skills, they will have effect even after changing to other jobs.

Job example
Rank 1 JobsRank 2 Jobs

This ruffian boasts of their own
strength by wielding heavy
weapons and leading the battle.


A veteran warrior of numerous
battles.Their fighting instinct
is terrifying to behold.

Weapon type:【2-handed Axe】

A novice Knight in the service
of their country.They study
chivalry and defensive techniques


Experienced and high-ranked
Knight. They swear on
their sword to follow the righteous path

Weapon type:【1-handed Sword】

An apprentice Priest devoted
to daily prayers. They study
magic based on the power of belief.


A Buddhist Priest preaching.
Their daily devout prayers
are said to release a miraculous sparkle

Weapon type:【Staff】

An elemental scholar and
magician’s apprentice who has a
knack for attack techniques with fire.


An apprentice technician at
processing materials.They utilize
handmade tools to astonishing effect


Engineer building unique
gadgets and achieving results
by techniques that are called a taboo

Weapon type:【1-handed Axe】

※There are many other jobs as well!
※We're planning to add more in our future updates!
When equipping the weapon type for rank 2 jobs, ATK/DEF/MATK/MDEF will be reflected as 100%.