New Limited Event "Tsukimi! Fall Festivities!" ~Preparation~" Starts!


New Limited Event "Tsukimi! Fall Festivities!" ~Preparation~" Starts!

"Tsukimi" is a sacred event where you give offerings to the moon, have a huge harvest and ward off the evil.
This time the Explorers arriving to the venue get a request from Komitt to prepare special moon dumplings "Tsukimi Dangos"...

Will all Explorers be able to hold the Tsukimi event safely?

Clear the event and get wonderful items!

※This event map will switch between day and night when entering at the times of xx:15 and xx:45(JST).
Day and night feature only affects the background, not the story or quest progress conditions, nor Mamonos' strength or drops.

Dates (JST)
Start: 2019/9/11 (Wed) after maintenance.
End: 2019/10/16 (Wed) before maintenance.

The event story will start when you move to event map "Tsukimi: Festival Area" after having cleared "Ch.14: Two Maids" during the event period.

1.Open "Navi" on the left of display.
2. Accept "Haunted Summer ~Test of Courage~" from Event tab.
3. Select "Move" to move to the event map "Tsukimi Venue: Fes Area".
※Please note that you have to clear the quest "Main quest Ch.14 The two maids"

How to Participate





Trade items(Komitt)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Tsukimi Dango×1000Fox Head×1Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×1500Fox Costume×1Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×150
Autumn Leaves×25
Autumn Leaves Clip [Red]×1Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×300
Autumn Leaves×50
Autumn Leaves Clip[Orange]×1Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×450
Autumn Leaves×75
Autumn Leaves Clip[Purple]×1Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×300
Golden Grass×2
Fried Tofu×1Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×1200
Autumn Leaves×120
Golden Grass×3
Emotion "Sweeping"×11
Tsukimi Dango×500
Autumn Leaves×120
Core Box×110
Tsukimi Dango×1000
Autumn Leaves×100
Golden Grass×3
Tsukimi Dango×50Pleasure Box A×1Infinite
Autumn Leaves×10Bench×1Infinite
Autumn Leaves×10Parasol×1Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×60Tea Set: 3 Colored Dango×2Infinite
Tsukimi Dango×60Tsukimi Dango for offering×2Infinite

Trade items(Fox)
ItemPrizesNumber of times to trade
Tsukimi Dango×50WaterofLife×3Tradeable once a day
Autumn Leaves×10SilverWater×3Tradeable once a day
Golden Grass×1GoldWater×3Tradeable once a day
Autumn Leaves×10MoonWater×3Tradeable once a day
Golden Grass×1StarWater×3Tradeable once a day
Tsukimi Dango×50Autumn Leaves×10Tradeable twice a day
Tsukimi Dango×150Golden Grass×1Tradeable twice a day
Tsukimi Dango×500Weapon Box A×1Tradeable once a week
Tsukimi Dango×1000Drill Box×1Tradeable twice a week

event Item


※There may be changes in even session without notice.